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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phuket Days 1&2

We’re back from Phuket! Accommodation was at the vacation club purpose-built to attract members into the Mariott programme. Overall it was a good holiday though not 100% a relaxing one.

Day 1

We drove and parked at the LCCT. This was Jo Ern’s first flight and she was as good as gold! She ‘read’ the magazines provided for ages, ate some snacks and played a bit. I expected to get an infant seat belt but nobody offered me any. Heh.  The seat beside me was empty and I plonked Jo Ern there and fastened the normal seat-belt for her.

Mummy, can I order something from here?
Arriving at Phuket airport, we were met by the Mariott people.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a child car-seat in the van provided.  At check-in, we had a welcome drink and the one for Jo Ern was in a plastic mug.  She was given a balloon flower to play with too.  Small touches but very nice indeed.
Hello from our family!
The villa was big and luxuriously furnished. We didn’t do much on the first day, just walked to Turtle Village for dinner at the Coffee Club. The Turtle mart was ridiculously expensive, which was too bad as we would have bought lots of stuff otherwise. Haribo sweets cost B130 here – the next day we found it at just B76 at a local supermarket.
Yay koo-koo giving me Milo.  Can I have this instead of my normal milk?
Day 2
Rented a car for B1200 and off to Phuket proper! Mariott is pretty far from civilisation, about an hour away. It was too hot for walking around so we spent time at the Jungceylon shopping mall. Jo Ern was in her stroller and surprised us by pointing to the floor and saying “walk-walk!” Well it sounds more like ‘Wo-walk! Wo-walk!’… but it’s clear enough. Loved hearing her say that!

Strollers are for babies! I want to go and check out whatever I like

Had McDonalds for lunch. Later we saw a signboard for a food court at the basement. Ah well, pork burgers were on my to-do list (they weren’t too impressive actually).

Drove around a bit more and then spent time locating the weekend market. Now, this was worth the hunt. It’s no way as large as Bangkok’s Chatuchak market but there were plenty of stalls and what I liked best - street food! We sat down for porkball soup, and again for grilled squid, pork knuckles, steamed crab and beer. Then tapau-ed various items for dinner and were almost done when heavy rain pelted down. That was it, called it a day with our loot of mainly food and a few non-food items.

Next up, Jo Ern's first swimsuit!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Genting trip 10

Went for a short trip to Genting last weekend.  There was supposed to be a Korean concert which got cancelled, so only took advantage of the free room (how pampered we are is, sometimes we don't even utilise free rooms and just let them lapse heh).  This time I finally succumbed to the inviting freshly-fried banana fritters at First World!  I have always gazed longingly at these every time I passed by.  These were GOOD... which is unfortunate coz how am I going to resist them next time??  Haha.  Worse, they're sold in a bag of 5... bad, bad!  Hubby doesn't care for them and Jo Ern eats very little.

Yummy fried bananas!

That night, Jo Ern walked up and down the hotel spaces for ages.  Even hubby and I were rather tired.  Funny Jo Ern was fine - her little legs move so fast that she's practically half-running.

Once Papa puts me down, I shall walk some more

Noticed Jo Ern knows how to use lifts!  When the doors open, she would toddle-run in, go to the side and then stay motionless.  When the doors re-open, off she'd toddle-run out again!  Of course she'd have no idea if that was the correct floor, heh.  At least she has the concept correct.

Must stay here until the doors open again

We had a breakfast buffet on Sunday.  Unexpectedly, SIL later called to invite us for high tea buffet at the Legend hotel.  Two buffets in one day - strongly not recommended!  I couldn't do the high tea one enough justice.  Hubby didn't eat much which I think defeats the purpose of going for a buffet. :p

On a personal side, I have 4 interviews scheduled for this week at last count.  Being on best behaviour, fielding tough questions, listing out strengths and weaknesses... so stressful, sigh.  Luckily things are happening fast.  Finding another job should still take time since most companies have at least two rounds of interviews.  Ah well, gotta soldier on. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept 2011 - Lost my job

I have been going through a dramatic couple of days which I might as well document here. 

Sunday evening:  My managing director emailed all staff that the company is ceasing operations with immediate effect and we needn't report for work on Monday.  Apparently the company had insufficient cash to continue.  We were told to request building management to enter the office to clear our personal belongings.

Monday:  All staff made their way to the office only to find it sealed.  Entry was strictly prohibited.  We learnt that the MD had already fled the country.

The managers had contacted a potential investor the night before and we all waited for them to fly over.  Eventually they arrived and talked about their offer and conditions.  Basically the deal hinges on whether our clients are willing to go with the new company.  The decision should be coming in today, Tuesday.

Meanwhile, headhunters and potential employers have been calling non-stop.  This is very exciting yet tiring.  As a group we have been contacting the labour department, police, lawyers. 

For now I'm jobless and still in shock over what has happened. I've been with this company for over 5 years and didn't see this coming.  My biggest regret is accumulating 18 days of annual leave.  I'd planned to use those later this year but now they're gone with the wind.  My biggest relief is, I happened to have brought home the laptop containing photos of Jo Ern!  YAY!  I had been transferring them directly from the camera and have NOT made any backups.  Would have been inconsolable if I'd lost photos of the first 1.5 years of my little one.  Phewww.  Life is.... not so bad lah.

Mummy seems fine...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Not toys

I received a shipment of toys and shall perform the opening ceremony this weekend.  Hopefully Jo Ern likes them better than her recent 'toys':

1. Pot to cook for the dog - take out cover and place here and there, then put back on the pot.  Repeat.

This cover must be put here

2.  Basket - sit inside. With a biscuit is a nice option. Otherwise, just sitting will do while fending off other small people who also want to sit inside.

This is a good place to sit!  Who says it's not?

3. Hubby's underwear - attempt to wear it.  Or carry and wave it around.

Wait ah, I almost have the hang of this...

4.  This one is a perennial favourite: Cupboards with lots of things inside - take something out, examine it and put it on the floor. Repeat with a random other thing until an adult comes to stop play.  If no adult comes after some time, move on to another cupboard and repeat the process.

Don't disturb me ok, I'm a bit busy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raya break

We escaped the traffic jams by not venturing out of town.  :)  And capitalised on the relatively-empty streets and shopping malls!  Some activities we did: 

1) Went to Midvalley Megamall, which we seldom do coz the crowds are a bit too much.  This trip didn't start off well.  We forgot Jo Ern's stroller and Megamall surprisingly didn't have any strollers or stroller-like vehicles for rent or FOC.  I've seen a car-like thing at 1U and expected something like that here.  Then Jusco and other shops were closed for Raya.  Luckily most did open at mid-day, just nice after our yummy early lunch at Fong Lye.  Overall a fruitful visit: Swim goggles for me, L'occitane mosquito repellant for Jo Ern, slippers for hubby, Rex curry chicken from Carrefour (this brand is v hard to find).

Jo Ern was ok with the combination of walking and being carried around.

Vitagen for me! Grape flavour is still the best though

I love you, you love me...

2) Had a Raya lunch at the factory of hubby's friend.  It's our third year there, becoming a tradition already!  His Bangladeshi employees cook up beef and lamb curry with a Briyani-like rice, yummy.  Jo Ern surprisingly liked everything.  She also had a blast sitting and walking on the chair samples in the office.  It was rather dark outside the office itself so didn't take many pics.

I tested lots of Uncle Michi's stock today

3) Used my coupon for the Eyuzu Japanese buffet at Eastin. I love bringing Jo Ern for buffets coz she likes variety and I don't have to pay for her, heh heh.  First pic, under Mummy's care:  Sitting on the high chair with a comb as a toy.  She's into 'combing' hair at the moment - for herself and for others, using the correct end of the comb or otherwise.

First pic, under Mummy's care

So eventually Mummy goes off to collect more food and queue for fresh tempura prawn.  Came back and found hubby comfortably reading the newspaper.  Whilst Jo Ern had climbed onto the high-chair tray and was happily sitting there eating from the main table.  *faint*  Luckily that high-chair was a sturdy one!

 Second pic, under Papa's care

 Side view

Friday, September 2, 2011

Papa's lil helper

I help Papa carry this big bag of roast pork

When we go to the nearby small market, hubby would let Jo Ern carry something. Hmm if your kid helps you carry things but you have to carry her, does that actually help at all?  Hehe. I thought Jo Ern looked cute swinging a plastic bag around and managed to snap a photo last weekend. 

My first attempt the previous week was met with an irritated face from hubby who doesn't like going to the market, what more have people snapping photo of him having to go to the market...

I help Papa carry these DVDs
Hubby: Shoo! Go away!