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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What time you wake up

Must put this into my blog as the phase is in reality already over!  Hubby works nights and we would call him before we go to sleep.  And every night the call would be pretty long.  Because...

SE: Hello pa-paaaa
Hubby:  Hello girl-girl
SE: What time you wake up?
Hubby: Ten o'clock (not the real answer but just to answer the question)
SE: What time Mummy wake up?
Hubby: Seven o'clock

(You get an inkling now why the call would be long!  The questioning would go on to kakak, JE, even some of our soft toys )

SE: What time Doggy wake up?
Hubby: (getting tired) Where is Jo-Jo?  Go and call Jo-Jo
SE: What time Doggy  wake up?
Hubby: (getting tired) Where is Jo-Jo? 

Hehe there is no distracting this little girl!  And so hubby would need to answer all her questions until they're done.

The other day my maid was calling home to Phillippines using my phone. SE came along and wanted to talk too.


What time you wake up?

Haha this I had to end quickly.  I *really* don't want to pay overseas call rates for non-stop "What time you wake up" questions!

Monday, March 28, 2016

She ain't heavy

My car got rear-ended last week.  Nothing major, but car had to spend 2.5 days at the workshop. Luckily it was the school holidays, so I applied to work from home and camped at my parents' house for 2 nights. My parents have wifi at home and I don't hehe.

The kids were pretty happy to be there.

She ain't heavy, she's my sister

Actually, she is a tad heavy for me

Hmm... heavy also lah

This way is better!

The car's all fixed now and we're all good.  Good thing my parents could put us up.  I was glad to be able to go home finally though, and not have to sleep with someone who turns around the whole night.  And yep, her feet are poking right where my head was!

ZZzzzzz... what's the problem?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First movie!

And I didn't take a single photo...  After we picked up the tickets and walked away for lunch, I realised that I should have taken some.  But oh well, we were going back later.  When it was later, there was a long queue for the popcorn.  After which we queued for the toilet.  After THAT it was already time to go into the cinema.

After the movie, I forgot.

So here's a lousy photoshopped photo.


The movie itself... we all enjoyed it.  :)  JE was rather scared at the dark parts, SE was fine.  We munched on our popcorn and slurped the soft drinks (I had to get them as I wanted the full experience for the kids' very first movie).

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Teeth update

And just like that, poof, they're gone!


She pulled them out herself apparently.  She said 'no pain also', haha.  Guess they were wobbly enough - she'd been shaking the first one for over a week and last week she presented it to me on a tissue.  The second one came out a mere couple of days later.  I'd expected that one to stick around longer since it started wobbling much later.

Ah Kong had told her, "there, eat too many sweets loh!".  But the real reason...

Got new tooth growing!
(well I only see ONE growing)

Thinking back, I'm thankful these teeth have lasted.  She had that bad fall at 2yo where she crashed into a vertical drawer handle (the handle was later removed by hubby and remains in storage till this day) right at this spot from mouth to chin. At that time I had been worried about many things:  Infection - there have been none, teeth falling out or maybe worse, needing serious medical attention - didn't happen, a bad scar on her chin - well you can see the scar but I guess it really isn't too bad.

This morning she was excited about going back to school after a week of school holiday.  Why? To show the gap in her teeth to her friends!

I am glad she's taking this so well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Teeth wobbly

My big (little) girl...


Her bottom teeth are waggling loose already!  I didn't expect this for another couple of years.  But a check on google shows that milk teeth normally fall out at age 5 or 6, and JE is nearing 6.  Also quite a few of her classmates at kindy already have wobbly teeth.

See? Shaky already

Guess I'd better take a more photos before she starts being 'toothless'!  How fast kids grow.  She is already lisping a bit with the gaps in her teeth.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Another slow eater...

Arrgghhh.  I've posted various times on how slow JE is in eating.  Keeping food in her cheek for ages, chewing and chewing for ages without swallowing etc.  And now number two is the same!

Unlike JE who really seemed to be putting in an effort, SE seems to be just naughty.  She can eat and swallow fine if she wants to.  What she wants though is to keep food in the mouth, put her feet on the table, climb up and down the chair, wail when threatened with the removal of a toy or being left behind from an outing (all this actions accompanied by NO movement of the food in the mouth).  Meal-times now take easily one hour.  Photos below are with her one and only stick of satay from the ostrich farm.  Now this shop where we had lunch is quite a distance away from the farm. That stick should have been finished loooong ago.

Eating my satayyy



Yummy! (Note zero reduction of satay remaining on the stick)

Nothing, but NOTHING would make her eat faster.  Trying times indeed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ostrich farm PD

Since we were in PD for 3 days, looked for somewhere to go. That's how we ended up at the Ostrich Farm.  It was quite fun actually.  RM15 entrance for adults, RM10 for kids and you can buy food to feed the animals.

We can pet this ostrich

And feed this goat

This goat wasn't in an enclosure:

This goat also can feed

Most of the animals could be fed from this RM3 bag of mixed grains and corn - value for money, really!

Now what animal can I feed?

No, not you! Shoo!  Helppp!!

Help me, Papa!

JE fed lots of animals...

Feed ostrich

Feed donkey

Feed bird

Feed BIRDS (plural)

Me, I have always liked rabbits.


Last picture is of SE eating a stick of ostrich satay and standing on a real ostrich egg.


Hubby was initially grumbling that we already saw animals during our recent trip to the zoo.  But I think this interactive style was more fun for the kids.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My birthday 2016 in Port Dickson

Celebrated my birthday with a trip to Port Dickson!  No cake though... didn't want it to melt on the way.  I didn't see any promising bakeries in PD.  By the time saw decent cake for sale it was already night and I was too full to want cake.  I might just get a cake for hubby's birthday and 'share' it heh.

Back to PD... JE had been requesting to go for a while, so finally there we went.

Can't believe I'm in PD!

It's always nice to be at the beach.

Now can you be a good girl? Sure, mummy! (Hehe sure)

The girls messed about with sand...

Rarrhh... I'm a sand monster!

Cover me with sand!

We must fill up this leaf with sand from our tiny spoons

We went to Glory Beach resort again.  Decent price, decent location, has a beach, has a pool, has a playground, is an apartment... ok, pass.  This is already our 3rd time in this place.  This time, unlike the previous times at a privately-owned unit (unit was not available), booking was under the resort itself.  More expensive at about RM600 for 2 nights but at least breakfast was included.

Take a picture of me with this turtle!

Love the pool

Discovered that PD does have good, cheap seafood.  :)  There's a new shop nearby - Hao Kee - that we enjoyed.  Don't be fooled by this happy picture of SE... the kiddos didn't much like the time spent eating!  They wanted to be playing all the time.

SMILE! Now can I go and play?

To be continued...

Thursday, March 3, 2016

More colouring

SE likes colouring, but she will dump out the whole box of colour pencils on the floor first.  And will snatch the one JE is using if she feels like it.  Sigh.  This one does exactly what she wants, and most of the time I don't have the patience or energy to change her course!

She was busy colouring last week...

Colour colour

Asked what she was doing, she said she was making a picture for kakak.  "Be-coh, I want Kakak to love me".  Hmmm...

I am making a picture for kakak

The next day, when she was acting up and our maid chastised her, she said "But I made a picture for you!"  Hmm so she sees this as a tool towards getting her own way?

This one she made for me, getting JE to do the writing:

I love my mummy!

Now what do I want from mummy...

Guess after that I cannot scold her... haha.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


JE used to bring a picture to kindy every day to colour.  I viewed it as her security blanket - something familiar to do instead of not knowing what to do or who to talk to maybe?  Luckily she didn't need it after a while. The girls still like colouring.  And after JE learned to write some basic words, I now have a fridge that looks like this:

All my hard work

The colouring pages have written phrases 'I love Mummy' and 'I love Papa'.  Yay!

Oh, actually we have two fridges. The old one leaked so we bought a bigger one.  The old one wasn't disposed of yet since it wasn't leaking ALL the time.  We thought we'd keep it until CNY to store extra food needed.  Err... that was a couple of years back.  And now we can't dispose of it as it's full! That's right, BOTH fridges are full.

Oh wait here are more