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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Oh no

I'm pretty upset actually.  JE started her period early this month.  She's just 10 and three quarters.  Mainly because she won't be growing much taller after this and she's still quite short.  Also she's not that mature for her age and now she will have to start dealing with the mess and discomfort already.  That night she said her tummy was painful.  My poor baby.  :(

Continue whining a bit more... 10 3/4 was exactly the age I started as well.  The difference was, I was tall for my age then.  After that basically everyone just overtook me in height over the next few years.  I have spent a lot of time wishing I was taller.  So when I had a baby girl, I was mindful of this and wanted to at least give her a head start in case this happened.  As in, let her grow as tall as possible early.  Well this JE scuppered my secret plans.  As a baby, she drank so little milk that she was underweight.  After that she just refused to eat much despite my best efforts to make available all kinds of food.  My preoccupation became to get as many calories into her as I could.

She only became interested in food within the last year or so.  Which turns out now to be rather too late.  

Sigh... another 2 years of growing would have been just nice.  

Oh no

Friday, January 22, 2021


After being purchased as SE's birthday present, little Mole finally has a home.  Sleeping in the same position as its owner haha.


Monday, January 18, 2021

I wanna be famous

Took the kids to a cafe before MCO 2.0.  This cafe provides note paper, pens and a noticeboard to pin the notes on. This kind of thing is right up SE's alley.

Scritch scritch

Usually she'll draw something cute.  I'm happy if it's not toilet humour (which is anything to do with butts, farts, poop, toilet etc).  This girl is always very tickled by things like these.


The note...

If you have tik tok then follow me. My account name is xxxx
I wanna be famous

Haha... the pressures of being 8yo!  I'm sure I never had this problem at the same age.

Admiring their notes on the board

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Making food

It's still the year-end school holidays.  Since we couldn't go anywhere this round, we stayed home and made food for fun.

Baked churros... fried tastes better, but baked is healthier.  Kiddos went wild with the mini choc chips deco.
We made this!

'Tong yuen' or glutinous rice balls.  Blue from butterfly pea flowers, green from pandan, pink from strawberry extract, white being the original colour.  I loved the pretty pastel colours.

Line up, all you colours

SE has been pestering to make these for ages.  This girl can be extremely... pester-y.  These days, ball shapes aren't popular any more haha.  Move over balls, here come frogs, pigs, snowmen. bear...

Hard at work

Check out my little bear

Made cut-out cookies too.  Ms Clumsy somehow tipped a whole tray onto the floor.

*Trying to clean up

Well limited things to do at home right.  Now that MCO 2.0 has started, we're stuck in our apartment for 2 weeks.  Can't be making food for now - no oven, no baking equipment, not much space.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Not used to it

Took the kids to Nasi Kambing Harimau Nangis.  A colleague introduced me to this place and I'd gone back a few times.

They complained from beginning to end!

So the place was indeed:

1. Hot - zinc roof, no aircon (it was actually a cloudy/gloomy day )
2. Smelly - near a rubbish site
3. Noisy - next to a mosque where prayers were on-going
4. Had flies and stray cats

So what right?  Haha.  We usually eat at malls and outlets with air-con since hubby doesn't like hot places.  So they're pampered and not used to conditions the average Malaysian wouldn't have much problems with.  

Our maid enjoyed the food and so did I.  (Hubby wasn't there)

We don't like this place

Friday, January 8, 2021


 When will things go back to normal?

I want to swim

When can we swim again?

After we took these pictures, the guard walked past.  Apparently the pool was open!  We quickly high-tailed it back upstairs to our unit to find our swimming stuff.  

So good to get back into the water after being away for months!

The pool was roped off into two separate sections and we had to keep to one section.  Not sure if there's any point keeping a distance when the water knows no boundaries?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

End of 2020

A very unusual year is over!  I'd say there were good and bad points for us.  It was nice spending more time at home.  The virus and the associated SOPs were an interesting experience.  I love being able to work from home.  However the kids' education and activities were negatively impacted - online learning is not effective especially for SE.  Activities basically just went down the drain.  

It was a rocky year work-wise but I still had a job.  Hubby's F&B business was of course affected.  At least overall it wasn't losing money as he managed to negotiate a discount on the rental.

At the last minute I decided to check if the club nearby was open.  It was, and it wasn't crowded.  So we had a good dinner to round off 2020. :) 

Last dinner of 2020!

Sushi and fries combo

 Happy new year everyone!