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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Port Dickson 2019

We're back from holiday! I managed to get 2 days off work (leave was only approved after I offered to work a weekend to make up for the lost time) so it had to be somewhere nearby.

PD fit the bill... near and enough things to do.  There was the beach:

Me and my name

Me and MY name

There was the pool which had a slide:

She is my sister and SO HEAVY!

There was the Ostrich farm we hadn't been to for a while.  The staff at this goat pen asked SE to feed a male goat.

SE: No!
Staff:  Why? Feed la, it's not fierce
SE: Coz this goat is ugly

Haha.  Coaxed her to feed this 'nice female goat'.

I only feed pretty animals

There were the usual suspects - ostrich, cow, donkey...

Eat up, I say

Don't poo, cow!

Had to persuade this one to come take a photo with the donkey.  It didn't help that hubby doesn't like this kind of place and was grouchy.  And kept telling the kids things like, so HOT hor, why come to this place hor, papa's girl-girl is so hot HOR, poor girl HOR.  Grr what a wet blanket.

So hot hor. Luckily have Papa's umbrella

We like rabbits and spent a lot of time there.

We love bunnies!

Eat up, cute bunny

There were other animals to hold but these city kids refused. 

Prickly! No I don't want to hold it

The girls had a few rounds of ice-creams.

These are not just Cornettos, they are Unicornettos! 

We also ate a lot.  The girls didn't want to go home!  Oh well, a short holiday is better than none.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Of butts and poop

Continuing from the previous post... this is SE's story of a butt who pooped and required help (to be cleaned, I presume).

Look at my story!


This girl... really have to train her out of this fixation on butts and poop and bodily functions.

But she drew something nice:

Love Jo Ern

Aww the love is there.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Poop girl

SE finds anything related to poop, pee, fart, butt etc to be very funny indeed.  Until we have to tell her sternly not to keep saying these things.  Or she would be forever bringing these up and laughing herself silly.  Definitely not socially acceptable!

This is JE's recent drawing of her as a superhero:

Su Ern is Poop girl! Hehehe

Oh why the feet in the photo, you ask?  Those belong to SE who is trying to stop a photo being taken of that drawing.  Vs JE who is trying to hold the picture clear so a photo can be taken of it.  A zoomed-out view:

Mummy quick take photo!

An even more zoomed-out view:


Hehehe... the one in yellow sitting on the right is my dad who is trying to watch TV in peace.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Self haircut

She thinks I'm taking photos of her breakfast (the first being biscuits she sandwiched together using the cream from my birthday cake, the second being a piece of toast she has bitten into the shape of a dog).  But these are to show the haircut she gave herself.  As in taking pair of scissors and hiding somewhere with it. And emerging with this masterpiece of a fringe:

Like my cream biscuit?

Like my dog toast?

Good thing is, she isn't self-conscious about it and didn't make a fuss about going to school.  It would be some time before the hair grows back and that fringe can be fixed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Family Mart outlets are popping up like mushrooms.  I've gone in and bought a few things just to see what the hype was about.  I was still not impressed by the price vs value scale.  But I hadn't tried the  ice-cream despite eyeing it for the longest time.  Finally tried with the kiddos one night after dinner...

JE asked to get one ice-cream each.  Knowing this girl... she requests for things and then doesn't finish/use/like them.  So I said SHARE.  Hmm the flavours available were green tea and roasted tea, not kid-friendly flavours.

JE: I have an ice-cream!
Mummy: SHARE.  Go call Su Ern to try
SE: Oooo kiddy rides...

See? I'm giving her some

The verdict?  Hey quite nice.  Finally, something I actually LIKE from Family mart hehe.  And yep, ONE ice-cream was quite enough for all of us that night.  Luckily didn't buy more.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Swimming classes

Kiddos started swimming classes last December.  They enjoy the classes with Coach Tomaz - somehow there is one European coach there hehe.  The other coaches are Malay though they do speak in English.  (JE is ok with Mandarin now I think, but SE only understands English.  Malay would be a problem for both of them)

The girls are getting very tanned!  Their class is at 4pm and it would normally still be very hot at that time.  I would be praying for cloudy weather, then I'd do my laps at the same time.  Second choice would be hot weather so at least the class can go on...

We are at swimming class!

Let me go over to that side

Each class is only 45 mins so it'd take some time before they can really swim.  

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Scary movie?

Contrary to what the photos seem to show, the girls were actually watching a kiddy show.

Ahhh so scary!


I forget which show it was.  Myself, I'm a scaredy cat and cannot watch horror movies.  Looks like my girls won't be doing that either.  Normally SE is braver but this time, don't know why.

Monday, March 4, 2019

My birthday 2019

My birthday again? So fast haha.  At least I’m at home this year, unlike last year when I had to go to Brazil for work and completely missed my birthday.

Must count my blessings really.  Stress at work has been building up and I’d wanted a day off just to NOT be in the office (I didn’t feel like this at my previous job...).  That plan didn’t happen but I do have a lot to be thankful for, so must stay positive.

The girls decided The Ship would be a good place to celebrate.  I couldn’t think of anywhere else so The Ship it was.

Happy birthday to Mummy!

Wishes for me and Mummy!

SE insisted on blowing out the candle and making a wish. And even wanted to cut the cake. Hey I thought it was MY birthday!  Haha.

Of course my wish was for my family.

And SE’s?  It was, for all of us to live forever.  Oh such a simple yet powerful wish.  I would like that - to not get older, to have the kids as they are now.  Luckily it’s dark in The Ship or it would have been obvious my emotions were getting the better of me.

Edit:  My workmates got me a cake and had lunch together with me.  Maybe there's hope yet I'd be happy in my new job.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

"Goose Pond" again

Belated post from last year... forgot about it until I saw the pictures in my phone.

It has been a while since we went to our neighbourhood 'Goose Pond'.  So all jumped in when my brother suggested a visit.  It was to be a breakfast potluck.  The kids were so excited!

Making egg sandwiches

We brought along our picnic mat only to realise there were proper picnic tables and chairs there.  So much food and variety, heh.

Checking out our food

The weather was perfect.  This time we went kayak-ing.  First time for the girls. This place is great!  Life-jackets provided also.

What do I have to do?

After a very short while, pro already hehe.

Race you!

SE tried her hand also.

Check me out!

Good photos but she had to be rescued after some time as she couldn't manouevre herself out of the corner.  Tried out the smaller kayak which was easier for her:

This one is better

I love this photo of my mother with a few of her 'flock':

Carefully now

T'was a great morning!