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Monday, September 25, 2017

SE's first concert

The kids have watched recordings of JE's kindy concerts multiple times, as well as those of their cousins.  But SE said quite a few times that she didn't want to do any concert.  Later on, she mentioned she doesn't want to do concert wearing eyeglasses because nobody else wears them and she doesn't think she looks good in them.

What to do, just go along with whatever she says.  I definitely wanted her to be in the concert!

Found out the concert date clashed with hubby's Korea trip.... aiks so I'd have to locate the venue, and also parking (with my lousy parking skills) all by myself?  I was not looking forward to the job.

On the day... SE in her costume.  Good thing it's a nice dress.

Do I look pretty?

I did find an empty space to squeeze the car in after 2 rounds... I was so happy hehe.  I brought along a book to read not knowing the venue would be theatre-style with dimmed lights!  JE was fine with Mr iPad.

Hmm concert? What concert...

SE is in a different kindy from JE.  While it's a good one, it has way more students.  My gripe is having to wait so long for SE's turn, and then I could hardly make out which kid she was.  Sigh.  Sure hope the official video recording of the event will be decent.

But from the few seconds I could locate her on stage, she danced very well!  I couldn't believe it was her at first haha.

SE is somewhere on stage

Yayy for my baby girl!

So fun!

Best thing was, she said it was SO FUN!

All happy

Thursday, September 21, 2017

SE and gymrama

Update because after this I cannot sit in the class any more.  The school, where gymrama classes are held, has tightened security to disallow parents from being in the compound. 

While I didn't pay full attention to classes previously, I did look up once in a while.  Especially when the small one decides to play the fool, which is pretty often.  These kids in the lowest level are let off most frequently for short water breaks.  And SE would sometimes fool around instead of running back to join the class.

Me: Su Ern everyone is back already.  Faster go back to the class.

Clowning around

Me: Su Ern!  Teacher is calling!

Bleh bleh bleh


Can see that her tongue is still out!

And sometimes she would just REFUSE to rejoin the class.

Me:  Su Ern!  Why are you still here?  Class started already!

Still sitting out

And fooling around

She often does NOT follow the class.  She looks around, outside or at somebody, just stands or sits there, fiddles with her leotard or hair, etc.

I tried asking JE to make sure the little sis is following instructions, but JE says she's not supposed to be looking at the back row (where SE is).  I'd rather JE learn as much as she can rather than be distracted with the naughty one haha.  Will just see how this goes.

Monday, September 18, 2017

I need to tell you something

So SE came up to me last week with a completely crestfallen face.

I have something to tell you

SE:  Mummy, I need to tell you something
Me:  What?  *feeling uneasy at her body language

SE:  I think I need to go to the hospital
Me:  Hmm?  Why?  *uneasiness getting worse

SE:   Because, because I ate booger today *her face crumples and she starts to cry
Me:  Err eat what? ("booger" or that stuff from the nose is not a word we normally use)

SE:  Eat booger... waahhhhh
Me:  Who told you eat booger need to go to the hospital??

Aiyo hahaha.  I'm so relieved and tickled at the same time, and quickly snapped this photo.

From later conversations, this must have came from my maid telling her that if she eats dirty things, worms will grow in her stomach.  Hence she thought she had a serious problem after eating booger.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mall activity - Pirates

Sometimes we catch activities at the mall.  This was one they particularly enjoyed. 

First up, the ball pit.  JE was excitedly telling me she's always wanted to go for this.

Found the flag! Here you go

Can u spot me?

Another portion was dressing up as pirates.

And now the scarf...

JE is happy, now for SE

This is so ug-ger-ly!

 SE is such a fussypot.  Luckily there was another costume in her size, sort of.

We are pirates!

Kids kept clamouring to go back again another day.  (Of course I said no)  The people staffing this event were young and good-looking, but looked bored and disinterested in the whole affair gosh.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

"Teaching" SE

SE doesn't read well in either English or Bahasa.  I tried to revise some Bahasa with SE...

Su Ern, what is this word (pointing to "guru"/teacher)?

Ermm G-U- ju... 

Mummy: No, G-U in Bahasa is always GU.

G-U Gu, R-U.... R-U....

Mummy: What is the sound of "R"?

Rrrr....rrr.  Uuuh... uuuh

Mummy: R-U is RU.  OK what is Gu-ru?

Mummy! This is so HARD!!

Mummy: Guru means "teacher".  Come here and sit properly.

Why you want me to read this word. So HARD!

Mummy: No this is not hard. "Guru" means teacher.  OK?  And sit properly.


Sigh.  This is going nowhere fast, let's leave this for another day.  I keep reminding myself that JE was also like this at SE's age, and now she can read already.

Another day comes.  Su Ern, what is GURU?

Mummy! This is so HARD!