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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


This is now the schoolday routine... dig JE from her bed in the mornings and carry her downstairs. (How is this one going to wake up when she gets too heavy for me to carry??  Oh well, will leave that problem for the future)

She ain't heavy, she's my girl!

First is a pee stop. Take a nap on the floor first. Have to dig her up and propel her to the bathroom.


Next stop is the sink. Cry because sleepy.  Crying or not, I still have to brush her teeth as cows will come home before she can do that herself in this state.


Next stop is supposed to be breakfast. Take a nap on the floor first.

Wake up, wake up

Gotta feed her breakfast, which may be accompanied by more crying and attempts to sleep on the chair/table.  Will spare you/her pictures of this.  :)

So this process repeats day....

Zzzzzz (Note the ever-present doggy hehe)

after day....

But even I was surprised at this one. She didn't emerge from the pee stop so I went to check. And saw this....



Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fierce face

SE has this 'fierce face' that I'd been trying to catch on camera.  Those pics on this post are the best I could get.  Basically one eye goes smaller and the other is arched and thus goes bigger.  She uses this face in her 'fierce mode'.  It looks like this:

Hey you! Grrrrr.

Example usage of fierce face... One afternoon, the maid left the room while SE was having her nap. SE woke up, walked down the stairs and confronted the kakak:

SE: *fierce face* Why you leave little girl alone up-tair (upstairs)??
Kakak:  ..... *speechless


At nights again wanting me to wait for her while she brushes her teeth with kakak,  I prefer going off to brush teeth with JE instead. So I get confronted by this fierce face:

SE: *fierce face* Mummy, why you don't want to wait for me?
Me: (Inspired reply, or so I thought) I wait for you here
SE: No! You not waiting for me. You juh bruh  (just brush) YOUR teeth

Hehe no escaping her wrath!

Don't play-play. I very fierce one

SE: Mummy, give your water
Me: No, this is mine
SE:  *fierce face* Give me your water, I say!

(Of course she wasn't getting it like that!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mall activity

1u had some kiddy activities last weekend. The queues weren't long, so the girls had a go.

Almost our turn already!

Woo hoo! A nice big car for me

Aiks this Su Ern also want to come. OK nvm

Ended up JE couldn't press the pedal and steer at the same time.  This poor guy had to help 'drive' the whole way.  Their car was zig-zagging all over and I think the wheels went over his feet many times!

Help, uncle!

 Better they take the train instead.

Ahhh... this is much better!

Photos were taken with my phone.  Actually my main objective for going to 1u was to fix the old camera or if that proved too pricey, to buy new one.  Ended up yes, the old camera wouldn't be worth fixing.  But the new model in that series wouldn't be in till next month.  And the existing model was out of stock.  Sigh, have to depend on my phone for a while.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sugar and spice

SE is fierce, bawls whenever upset and has a loud voice to boot.  But when she's nice, she's all sugar and spice!

Like coming up to me while I was sitting on the floor and snuggling against me.
SE: (in a sing-song voice) I think... somebody want to sit with Mummyyyy
SE:  I think.... ih MEEeee! (it's me!)

And coming downstairs by herself while I was having breakfast
SE: Mummyyy
SE: I come down coh, I meeh (miss) my mummy
SE: And you meeh your Su Ern

Heh.  I so want her to stay all cute and sweet! What she said was a surprise as I hadn't been using those expressions - wanting to sit with or missing someone.

I am my mummy's girl

Friday, March 20, 2015

Face painting

Went to the Spotlight opening recently.  I only wanted to look-see since was scared off by the long queue (only realised upon leaving that they opened many cashiers and queue moved very fast).

JE got to try face painting...

*paint paint paint

Ta-dahhh!  Nice or not my butterfly?

Chose a bumblebee for SE. But she balked  after the paint touched her face.  Said "dowan fayh (face) yucky".  Ok lor, what to do.

Soon after that my camera conked out.  Aiks I've developed the habit of taking a camera everywhere.  I often forget to take it out, but at least it's there if I remember!  Gotta get it fixed or buy a new one this weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Candy stories

So we bought a small bag of mixed candy. This is a really small bag coz I was the one with the shovel! I picked just 1 or 2 of each tiny sweet in different shapes and colours and the whole bag came up to less than 100g.

Nope, not these huge lollies! Mine were tiny

Now these stories happened on different days over a period of a few weeks. The girls were only allowed a few each time so this bag of candy chalked up really good mileage!

Story 1 - few days after candy was 'officially' opened
Walked down with SE in the morning after she woke up.

SE: Mummy
Me: Yes?
SE: (out of the blue) I dowan to eat too much sweet candy
Me: Good girl. Candy cannot eat too much
SE: I want to eat ONE only

Good way to introduce the topic, eh?

Story 2 - another day
After choosing one candy and eating it.  She was holding a purple bear.
SE: I chooh (choose) already. But my purple bear not yet chooh.  Purple bear want chooh.

Yep, purple bear tactic got her a few more pieces!

Candy candy everywhere

Story 3 - a week (?) later
After agreeing to take only one piece of candy and taking long time to choose. Eat already, then suddenly address the air in front of her:
SE:  Eh? Why I chooh PINK colour? Pink ih not my favourite colour. My favourite colour ih GREEN. I chooh another green one ok?

Tactic got her a few more pieces.

Story 4 - < 10 pieces left
SE agreed to take only one piece and kakak went off to bathe JE. When she came back, there was only one piece left
Kakak: Why you take all the candy? You are supposed to take only one?
SE: I did not take all the candy. See? Got one more. Thih one will stay here FOREVER.

In 2 minutes she gobbled up that last piece too.

End of candy stories.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Simple joys

What she did was wash her hands at one sink. Then at the next one.  Then at the next one.  ALL the way to the end.   Haha the simple joys of childhood!


We seldom go to Midvalley as it always seems to be full of people. This time was for a CNY gathering with hubby's side of the family.

Gong xi gong xi!

Doing the 'moustache'.


Some more pics with these cheongsams before they are packed them up for good - the girls won't be fitting into them next year!  The only other occasion they wore these was at 1U...

Jo-jo come! This is fun!

Heheheeee...*Shake shake shake

Turn! *Shake shake shake

SE: Told you, so fun!
JE: Hmm it's okay

Another instance of the simple joys in life.  :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

My birthday 2015

Another year, another birthday. It's my policy to take the day off, to do whatever I felt like doing. And not to have to deal with minor issues like people wanting to buy me lunch, people wanting me to buy THEM lunch haha.  This year I was too busy with work to think of it.  Nor did I plan any nice dinner - figured it would be stressful setting expectations in case I was dragged into a late meeting or something.

The day didn't go too badly.  While I had to work a full long day, had lots of birthday wishes since my company sends out email blasts for all staff birthdays. People offered to drive me out for lunch (which I turned down coz it's a really long, hot walk out to the carpark!). My team mates bought me a slice of cake - it did feel nice having SOMETHING to mark the day!

Celebrated on the weekend. Hubby asked me what I wanted. We normally don't bother with presents - after all, hubby's money is like mine and I might as well just buy myself whatever I wanted?  Heh. But felt like having something this year. So finally selected what I've been on the look-out for, a new pendant. It's a flower in blue sapphires. :)

My flower :)

Next day I said I wanted a slice of cake, he got me a proper one. Woo-hoo!  AND voluntarily came over for a photo before I had to ask. Last year JE sang me a birthday song. This year I had to help sing heh. SE I THINK wasn't in the mood (didn't hear her voice). The waitress came over to sing since the place wasn't crowded by then.

Happy birthday to me!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Client family day

CNY's officially over.  A few years ago we had more activities - makan sessions with hubby's relatives and friends.  That was when it was only the 2 of us and then with JE.  Now that we are a total of 5 (with SE and maid) it's hard to join a session without prior arrangement.  If it's held in a restaurant, 5 of us would occupy half a table already!

One afternoon while hubby had yet another CNY thingy, I drove the 1 hour plus (yep, doing this every workday!) to a family day at my current client. It was too crowded and there was a long queue for practically everything.  But at least it was an activity out and the kids enjoyed themselves.


Real horsey!

Real horsey for me too

Been wanting to do sand art for long time already

Monday, March 2, 2015


SE has always had a stubborn streak.  She will do what she wants and anyone stopping her from doing it is 'naughty'!

Lately she's been picking at some dried skin on her lip.  Went shopping last weekend and it happened again...

Me: Cannot pull the skin
SE: *pick pick pick*
Me:  Su Ern! Cannot pull! Later pain-pain
SE: *pick pick pick*

Me: *takes her fingers away*
SE:  *puts fingers back immediately, and pick pick pick*

Repeat above couple of times.  Finally she did this:

Pick pick pick in peace

Pick pick pick and Mummy cannot disturb hehe

Yep obviously she was picking at the skin!  Pushed the trolley around for quite a while with her doubled up like that inside.