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Monday, October 28, 2019


I must blog about the first playdate we hosted. The date was set, the guests invited - SE's BFF and her big sis, who was JE's age.  Then we wondered what to do.  Our little apartment didn't have much in the way of entertainment.  SE at first said they would just watch movies and eat.  But later had cold feet and worried, what if the friends got bored?  And were not having fun?

I thought of making pizza.  But we didn't have an oven.  Pancakes maybe?  But we only have one pan that could be used on the induction stove.

Luckily our maid Jane came up with a good idea.  They would make sandwiches using our cute bear cutters.  I built up on that idea - use cookie cutters for cheese and ham, add some vegs.  The stage was set.  It went quite well actually.  The activity kept the girls busy...

Busy making sandwiches

SE's bear at the spa

Have to confess that it felt a little strained at first.  Jane and I were trying hard to make sure the kids had fun.  They probably felt shy with us around.  Eventually they all warmed up.  Ate all the sandwiches and finished up most of the ingredients.  Then JE took over and organised games.  After that they switched off the lights for "movie night" with snacks.  Dinner was pizza.

After dinner they played some silly games then it was a wrap.  Everyone had fun.  Phewww.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Ah Mah's birthday 2019

My mother's birthday this year was confirmed last minute.  Because both my parents weren't feeling too well just before.  Somehow everything cleared up in the nick of time so yes, the celebration was on!

Due to the kids' busy schedules (somehow when one is free, another is starting or ending some class), we narrowed down the location to Kota Damansara.  Tried a new place this time, Shan Yuen.  Upon arriving, JE was asking Who chose this place?  She expected a grand restaurant-style set-up instead of a shoplot haha (hmm these kids sure are having a good life eh?)  Luckily both ambience and food turned out good once past the doors.   

Monk-jump-wall soup, fish, pork collar, chicken... food all good

Happy birthday to Ah Mah!

Now cut cake

Happy birthday to my dear mother! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Little vandals

New condos and houses are being built along our entrance road home.  Dropped by one day just to 'kepoh' (be nosy).  Inside the showhouse was this room decked out like a painting room.  The girls discovered it while I was looking into other rooms.

Painting stuff!

Let's paint!

Be happy like me hehe

I looked to see if it was ok to use the paints and decided it was fine.  Until one young staff there finally showed up at the small room and was dumbfounded at the 'additional decorations'.  So we quickly hightailed it out of there.  Well actually I called out to SE few times but she didn't come.  Instead she stayed in there for a good 15mins or so with that unfortunate young staff tailing her from room to room while she continued touching this and that.  Finally I went in to retrieve her.  And later she told me it wasn't so fun because "this person keep on following me".

Hubby asked how come I didn't realise they weren't supposed to paint??  Well too bad he being so smart didn't watch her closely.  :p

I wonder if they have cleaned the room up.  JE is embarrassed when we pass by this place and I remind her of it hehe.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Toothpaste blobs

I'd been buying Kodomo toothpaste for the kids.  Until recently when my mum reminded that JE should be using adult toothpaste already.  Googled and oops, yes supposed to change when permanent teeth come in!  That happened 2 years already for JE and is happening for SE now.

Kiddos don't like mint toothpaste though.  And I have stocks of Kodomo.

So... now every morning and night, I diligently put TWO little blobs of toothpaste on each toothbrush - one blob of Kodomo and one of Colgate/Darlie.  Labour of love haha.

Four blobs of toothpaste and two tooth-mugs of water

The plan is to get the girls used to mint.  Then no more Kodomo.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

SE's weekly packing

We need to haul our stuff every week between home and apartment. Kiddos aren't too useful in helping.  Especially SE.  She'd be fussing over this and that.  And look at what she has to bring:

Toys inside BeeBee, check. 
Raspberry (the white bunny in crook of arm), check.
Toys inside penguin bag, check.
Pink whale hanging on penguin bag, check.
Bunnyball in pocket of penguin bag, check.

Let me think...

Yep, I'm ready

No capacity at all to help with anything of importance!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Spotted this promo online and purposely went to Italiannies.  :) 

This exceeded my expectations that the pizza was given on top of the free kids meal.  I'd assumed the pizza would replace the meal.  Also didn't expect the staff to be so attentive throughout the session.

We are suited up and ready!

Take the sauce and swirl it round

They were given various condiments... sauce, cheese, mushroom, carrot cubes, pineapple.  Well not that many but good enough.  MY girls didn't want to put pineapple since they didn't like those.  Nor mushroom.  I had to try hard to get them to put everything (since it's free haha) and only partially succeeded.

Almost done

Went back to our table for lunch.  In the meantime the pizzas were baked and served when done.

Can eat already!

Good experience indeed.