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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Photoshoot results

Went to select the photos a week after the photoshoot.  It was a nice set-up - sitting back on a sofa, having a slideshow of their selected photos projected on screen, with accompanying music. So nice that JE requested for a repeat right after! Of course, the objective of the studio was to get us to purchase as much as possible. Well... I did like the results, but MY objective is to have a handful of good photos of my girls each year as they grow. Not to have 100 photos of this one point in time. I'm sure the studio wasn't too pleased, heh. My package was for 4 photos.

In my order of preference:

#1. I just LOVE this black-n-white shot!

#2. In a reindeer costume. Love her smile and pose:

#3. In a dress, mostly hidden by the ball. 

#4: The best one of Su Ern. This photoshoot focuses on JE so SE only had a bit of airtime, no costumes either. There is a damp patch on her shirt. :(  There were photos taken of both of them but I don't like any.

#5:  Supposed to be a Winnie the Pooh costume but she refused to put on the hat. This photo is my last choice - partly coz I felt bad about choosing so few and thus added this one. I have since decided her eyes here are too small.

I'm kicking myself for one thing, that my last choice is the one outside the package and is the one coming in 8R copy and high resolution. The package ones are in small hardcopies and low resolution. I did consider calling to swap with my fav photo, #1. Knowing the studio wasn't happy with me made me think twice about contacting them again. By the time I decided and emailed them, they were closed for two days. The next day I was busy and didn't follow up. The next, everything was already done. My fault for being wishy-washy. :(

Monday, April 22, 2013

On feeding JE

Feeding JE has been tough lately.  She keeps food in her mouth for AGES! This morning her breakfast was fried noodle. Quantity wasn't much at all, about 3 mouthfuls if I were to eat it. Hubby was messing around in the garden so I fed her a mouthful and let her go 'help' hubby.  But after a while I got tired of asking whether she'd finished each mouthful coz the answer was always NO. Got tired of asking her to SWALLOW THE FOOD.  So I told her to sit until she finished the noodles. So she had to:

JE: (Chew chew chew)
SE: Papa can carry me?

5 minutes later:

JE: (Chew chew chew)
SE: Mummy can carry me?

Another 5 minutes:

Me: Mouth still got?  
JE: Got
SE: This is taking too long. I go out by myself

She was miserably fiddling with her spade and itching to go yet she was unable to eat faster. I kept spooning soup in to help her swallow too. Sigh.

I got her de-worming medicine yesterday. Hopefully that will do some good.

And needless to say, I was late to work again this morning!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I am late for work

My current client is pretty fussy about punctuality. No choice, I have to arrive earlier at the office. So I set my alarm earlier. I have my breakfast and get JE's breakfast ready. Then comes the hard part, digging her up from bed (NOT simple) and getting said breakfast into her.

I put her on the dining chair and often, what happens is:

Slide down to sit on the floor 

Crawl under the table and refuse to come out

(Hauled back to the chair) Suck fingers and refuse to touch fruit

Sighh.  Clock ticks signalling that I am getting later and later for work.

Or this happens. She cries out, 'I want oi-oi! (sleep)'. So have to put her in SE's playpen:

Lie down in playpen and suck fingers

Sigghh.  10mins in the playpen means I will arrive at the office 10mins later.

And this happens pretty often too:


Rub eyes and sob 

Sighh.  Feeding her takes time and all this drama is delaying the START of that! Can I just submit these photos to explain why I'm late for work??

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updates on Su Ern

Updates on little Su Ern are less compared to her big sis. But I AM enjoying this sweet, soft little baby who is so small and cute. While I can, that is... she'll be turning ONE in less than a month and I'm well aware I won't have a baby for much longer!

Go ahead. Make me laugh

Not sure coz my electronic scale is broken. But she's just nice and cuddly to carry.

Crawls like a pro now. But one leg will go straight out to the side. My mum says she looks like a crab moving like that. She just started going up stairs so she'll be lots harder to watch now.
She can pull herself up to stand too.

Wayy easier to feed than JE! Phew. She likes to be fed often but not in great quantity each time. She isn't fussy - so far only dislikes spinach and fish.

Ah yes that was quite funny. Do it again!

Babbles a lot. Some nights she wakes up and goes 'Ah-Wawa. WaWaWaa. Ah-WA' and I wish she could understand when I tell her not to talk and just go to sleep! She smiles and laughs a lot too.

Not a single one yet. Very late at 11 months.

Light sleeper this one. She wakes up a few times each night. At the usual times it's for milk. But quite often she just wakes up and I'd need to feed her a bit to get her to sleep. In the mornings, she often makes a nuisance of herself by waking up and wanting to play when everyone still wants to sleep.

Still dark! Please do get a little fairer ok?

More fiery than her big sis. She can and will scream non-stop if she doesn't get what she wants.

Being carried and fussed over

People plonking her down and walking away. She will bawl loudly and immediately. We always say her backside cannot touch the floor!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visit to KL Aquaria

Made it to the KL Aquaria! It's been sitting on my list of places to bring the kiddos. It's expensive though at RM38/adult and RM28/kid. Caught an online deal for RM28 per adult and went before JE turned 3yo so she could get in for free.

It wasn't the breeze I expected. First we had to fight traffic going there. Then, finding parking was tough as the convention centre was full. Hubby threatened to give up a couple of times. Eventually we went into the KLCC carpark and parked illegally.  KLCC was packed with people and after the long walk there, the aquaria itself was packed too. *roll eyes*

Still, finally we were in!

Piranhas!  Mummy say can bite people one. Brrrrr.

JE only deigned to touch the starfish in the touch pools and refused to have anything to do with the sea cucumber, horseshoe crab and bamboo shark.

Poke this starfish. But sea cucumbers are icky

The exhibits were pretty good and I'm a fan of marine life. Photography wasn't easy though with the dim lighting, so I didn't get many pictures. Also the place was really crowded and everyone else was taking pictures too.

What a lot of fish!

Behind me got scorpion and puffer fish

The highlight of the aquaria was the underwater tunnel with its travelator. We walked through twice.

Fish on top?

SE got tired of the stroller after a while and demanded to be carried.

I don't like fish much... but being carried is nice

Our overall sentiment was OK, been there, done that, enough, good!  IMHO, the aquaria doesn't offer much enjoyment value for the price. The zoo would be more interesting for kids, more to see.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jo Ern is 3!

One for the album

Jo Ern is three years old!  She requested a pink strawberry cake and my sis volunteered to make it.

The plan was a fuss-free dinner at a restaurant. Sis confirmed the cake was coming along fine. I brought candles along just in case. What could go wrong? Well first, somehow I only took TWO candles out of the pack.

We started out from home a bit late. I realised I was short of one candle, but it was late, it was raining and presumably sis the cake-provider had them. Ten mins later, sis called to say she couldn't find any candles. Well I have plenty of candles, but at home! She called SIL but of course they'd already left home as well. Called the restaurant but they didn't have any. Tried to convince JE to have 2 candles... "But I am THREE years old!". And thereafter we had the 'CANDLE DRAMA' the rest of the journey... "Mummy, can I have THREE candles?" and "Got THREE candles for me or not" while hubby and I cracked our heads thinking where to get candles, fast. Eventually saw a Secret Recipe on a side road and detoured in.

Phew! Despite the candle hubby procured being much smaller than the two I brought, at least we had the requisite 3 candles! Birthday girl was satisfied.

Happy birthday to my precious girl!

Phoo! Phoo! Phoo!

I chop my cake 
Chopper provided by restaurant. Cake-provider didn't bring knife :p

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Genting Trip 19 - and the rest

Hubby and I have a routine now: I take JE to the theme park, he babysits SE back in the room. OK I'm officially bored of going round and round for rides!  Heh.  JE doesn't want to get off at all. I see most kids have one round and then go away. JE goes 5, 6, xx times!  I stop counting after a while. The kid is happy though so, *shrug* I'm happy too.

Go, chicken, go!

I sit on this TWO times, ok? 
(This ALWAYS gets increased to THREE, then FOUR, then...)

Sat here to rest the little legs and have a snack.

This one is a Sheer-rio

As usual, she watched cartoons and had bath tub time. Nope, I never switch the TV on... the whole purpose of bath time is to reduce TV time. :) She's happy with something to pour water from/to. 

POUR! Heheheeee

Su Ern tried to get in... next time, ok, little one?

Up! Up!

Mummy, want to play also

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Genting trip 19 - food!

Genting AGAIN! Hehe. For hubby's birthday, we had a 2n stay in a Maxims suite and a 1k meal voucher. This trip, we found they'd opened a new restaurant for Platinum cardholders. The breakfast buffet included pure fresh juices, imported yogurt, jam in little glass bottles and blueberries, raspberries, strawberries.  When buffet wasn't available, there was a very decent ala carte menu to order from. Juices, wine and premium coffee were available on order. And it was all FREE. Oh, pick me up off the floor! *happeeee* Hubby had been having free food/drink all this while but that was him only.

Braised beef noodles, herbal duck drumstick noodles, club sandwich. Soup and desserts too. All FREE

My lunch: Prawn noodles, white wine and herbal jelly. FREE

For my own reference, we used the 1k at Genting Palace restaurant. Guests were SIL and partner. EVERY dish, I forgot to take pics until it was half eaten so voila! A photo montage of half-eaten food:

Suckling pig, greens, appetisers, soy prawns

Didn't manage to finish the voucher so we took home 3 bottles of wine. :)