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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Talk nicely

Why I have to start telling this little girl to 'talk nicely'...

Last weekend at MIL's birthday lunch, our maid was trying to feed SE a piece of dumpling. Kiddo didn't want it.

SE:  I say I dowan
SE:  Why you never listen
SE:  I already SAY!

Bossy or not?

Don't mess with me

After lunch, we got home and I was trying to get her to take an afternoon nap.

SE:  Jeh now I was thleeping in the car 
SE:  Why you never see
SE:  Why you so funny

What?  Where did THAT come from??

Monday, June 27, 2016

More SE stories

A few more stories on SE from our previous maid.  Might as well jot them down here.

At the maid agency while doing her check-out

1. Gen used to call her 'Su Ya' instead of 'Su Ern' whenever she's naughty.  One day:
Maid: If you are naughty, I will call you Su Ya.
SE:  You cannot call me Su Ya, kakak. My papa don't like.

Hehe actually the papa can't be bothered!  How did she get it in her head to use the papa's name?

Feed the good girl, kakak

2. Telling the kakak:
SE:  Actually, the girl who go to school (meaning JE), ih the naughty one.  The girl who stay at home (meaning herself), ih the good one.

In reality... it's kind of the other way round.

3. In the car:
Maid: You pee-pee in pants so smelly, I go and take care of Erin
SE:  But Erin eat so messy.
Maid: Eat so messy better than pee-pee so smelly
SE:  No! Pee-pee melly ih better than eat messy.  Heheheee.

There are no stories from the new maid yet - first, her English isn't too good and second, guess she's still getting her bearings.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Don't cry, little sis

SE sometimes goes bawling away to JE.  Like if someone scolds her or she's not happy with something.  And however often JE complains that she HATES her sister, she doesn't even LIKE this Su Ern, she wants a DIFFERENT sister, she wishes she could have XXXX as a sister and not Su Ern.... well she does attend to the baby sister...

Come, I wipe for you

Still wet here

Nah, blow your nose

She backed off when the tissue got icky with SE's mucus and I had to take over hahaha.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Liquid diet?

Mystery for me to ponder... Why does JE need to chew 20 times before swallowing food?  Why does she need to gulp down lots of water to wash food down her throat?  It's like she's swallowing tablets. And she will complain she's full before finishing her meal - obviously she is, after drinking SO much water!

Unlike SE (who is just naughty hehe), JE would be valiantly chewing away at her meal.  And still taking an hour to finish.

I do wonder if there is a physical cause.  Maybe her throat is too narrow?  Something wrong with her throat muscles?  But she does eat reasonably fast at times, especially if it's food she likes.

Would be much easier if she could be on a liquid diet...

Drink this cute watermelon!

Love this vanilla milkshake... but don't ask me to EAT anything

For now, what to do.  Still trying to feed her as much as I can.  Hubby says no long holidays until the kids can eat faster - which I keep bringing up to her (without effect hehe).

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Goodbye Kakak Gen

Our maid came to us two years ago and today is her last working day.  She definitely made life more pleasant for us.  Will miss her for sure.

Too bad our currency has weakened so much.  We did offer her a substantial raise but she had her eye on the wages in countries with stronger currencies. Yep we did factor in the fact that she was a good worker already familiar with our household.  Still, it wouldn't have been viable to match what she wanted.

Take picture with my kakak

Last night, she said she should have made the decision to stay instead.  Oh well, way too late to change course.  Hopefully things work out for her.

I'm feeling sad at losing her companionship.  Towards the end of our Melaka trip I started to panic at having to go solo as my new maid was only expected in another week or two.  But luckily that was speeded up and she should arrive in another 2 days.

Will see how things work out.  *fingers and toes all crossed*

Monday, June 13, 2016

Melaka trip 2016

We were in Melaka last weekend!  As usual, we try to have some activities for the kids during school holidays.  The Mahkota apartment we stayed in was nothing great but the kids enjoyed the pool. There were 4 pools and they moved between all of them, but this was their favourite:

Welcome to our water palace!

That was awesome!

I'm busy, I'm washing my hair

We did touristy things in Jonker street - had the famous Jonker88 cendol and noodles (the assam laksa was what I really liked), bought snacks and souvenirs etc.  It was a very hot day so the kids didn't like this much.

Yummy! (JE didn't like the cendol one bit)

I had to take pictures of the kids at this place.  Just to compare with our family trip two years ago.

Dragon because that is SE's zodiac animal

Bull because don't have tiger (JE's zodiac animal) hehe

Good trip but I'm thinking next time we just go for a hotel nearer KL!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Little flowers

My colleague was saying my girls are like little flowers. And they looked so sweet in their dresses.  (We had an office event last year and I had brought them along).  Hmm little flowers eh?

So SE got into this kiddy ride.  Then JE wanted to go in as well...



SE: Hey stop it!

Pusshh back



 Heh little flowers eh? Never heard of flowers which push and shove!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

So not nice

If you know one word, but not the opposite of that word, no problem.  Just put a negative in front and you get to say what you mean!

Like if you want to complain about your cousin Erin...
SE:  Erin ih soooo NOT GOOD girl

If you want to complain about something...
SE:  Thih ih so NOT NICE!

The second one is used very often and in all kinds of contexts.  :)

Wear for me, kakak!

*Pose* Take picture!

Hmm... Don't like already 

Thih ih so not nice! Take out, take out!