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Monday, October 30, 2017

Fooling around

SE was fooling around wearing hubby's T-shirt.  Then she flipped it like this and asked, Like this look like our neighbour?  (Who is Muslim and wears a long 'tudung').  Guess it does... hahaha.

Look like our neighbour?

Another anecdote, this is definitely from kindy:  Before a meal she said, 

Thank you God for this food.  
And now for the Agama children (which is how she refers to the Muslim kids)..... Gabablababagada (referring to the Arabic prayer).

My maid laughed, she said thought SE really knew how to say the Arabic prayer and was waiting for that!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy Halloween

Of course we don't celebrate Halloween... (are you kidding me? My late maternal grandmother would have flipped at the death-related symbolism!).  Still, it's a fun enough time.





Monday, October 23, 2017

Ah Mah's Birthday 2017

Celebration time again!  This time we were at Di Wei in Empire Subang to celebrate my mother's birthday.  Food was quite good and we ordered various dimsum as well.  Some of the dishes...

Roast platter, tofu, prawns, brinjal

This time SE got extra attention to make sure she doesn't get left out again.

Happy birthday to Ah Mah!

Yes, everything went well!

Take out candle time

With everyone

Happy birthday to my dearest mother and may there be many, many more celebrations to come!

And one more picture of the kids. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Genting again

I was on the verge of booking a trip in Camerons when hubby informed that he'd already booked Genting for the same dates.  Luckily I hadn't paid for MY booking hmmpf.

Anyway, it was Genting that the kids had kept asking for.

Are we there yet?

One thing I like about Genting is that everything is walking distance once you arrive.  We ate well, the kids played in the bathtub every day, and the cool air felt great since it was scorching hot down in KL! 

Dimsum for breakfast... this piggy bun with charsiew filling is nicer than Canton-i's piggy bun.

Say 'Oink', my piggy bun

JE looks rather grown up in her outfit.

Tub again!  The first room we stayed, the girls role-played, laughed and talked non-stop in the tub.  The second and bigger/better room, there was a TV in the bathroom so guess what they preferred to do...

Watching TV is the best!
(At least SE is playing)

SE had diarrhea the second last day and vomited the morning of last day.  She didn't eat much for breakfast (it was a buffet breakfast but what to do!) and made a sad face on the plate...

This is poor me

All too soon, it was time to go home.  Until the next time.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The girls

A quick snapshot of the girls.

JE at 7yo
- is settling down in a Chinese school fine.  There were initial hiccups when she cried upon not understanding what people were saying.  Luckily her class teacher is a good and patient one (thank god for people like this!).  JE is even participating in things like group storytelling.  She didn't win, but she said the teacher gave her an extra prize for participating since she doesn't speak Mandarin at home.
- is over the bump probably started due to her chicken pox.  She missed school for a week then, and shortly after went and lost a whole pile of books.  She couldn't seem to keep up with school and would cry daily when faced with homework.  Her books were eventually found in some cupboards and after quite a few weeks, now she's back on track.
- likes gymrama

SE at 5yo
- is also fine at kindy as in she happily attends.  She doesn't have the hang of reading yet.  She is stubborn and playful and thus difficult to teach.
- is now doing big business only once daily instead of her usual 4-5 times since birth.  I'm so glad this 'corrected' itself!
- doesn't like gymrama

The two aren't too far apart in age and I try to shortcut by sending them for activities together.  Sending SE for gymrama too early is one result.  JE wants to learn swimming, but I'm thinking might as well wait a bit for SE and then I'll send them together.  Hehe.




Sunday, October 8, 2017

No specs... for a while

You might have noticed SE wasn't wearing her specs in my previous posts.  Well the nose-piece broke and it took a while to get the replacement.  Oddly, SE seemed to function fine without the specs.  Odd since her power at 400/450 is very high.

It was about a month before the replacement part arrived.  She didn't immediately start wearing the specs either.  I was of course hoping that her eyesight had really improved.

But she was complaining of headaches.  Also I took her to the optical shop and they said the power is still the same.

Oh well.  At least could look at this cutie-pie face without specs for a while.

Hello, Mummy!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Stuff from Korea

Hubby was in Korea.  As usual he was looking for stuff for the kids.  This time I told him not to buy much as they have so many toys already.  Good thing for Whatsapp as he could send photos and check with me or the kids first before buying (hubby is pretty bad at differentiating what is cute and what is not hehe).

So the girls chose these:

Bunny hairclip and penguin (she named it Pingo) hairband

Bunny hair band (Carroty and Carroby) 
I forget the names of the other two bunnies

OK la... a few new things are always nice.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Farewell to mah-mah

I last mentioned MIL in 2016.  She just passed on at 95.  Well it is a ripe old age and she enjoyed her days till the end, so it was a good and long life.

We are here to say good-bye to Mah-mah

I follow whatever has been arranged by hubby's family.  After the funeral itself, the roast pig was chopped up and eaten.

Roast pork for all

Offerings and prayers