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Friday, June 29, 2018

Fitting in

SE's kindy has some themed events.  A recent one was 'footballers and cheerleaders'.  I don't like buying a costume that would be worn just once, and anyway couldn't find any cheerleader costumes for kids online.  So the good 'kakak' (our maid) improvised.  There's a number "9" pasted on the front and back of her shirt - err the bottom somehow fell off a bit.  And those are pom-poms made out of paper strips.

And how did SE feel going to school in that?

SE:  I don't want to go to school!
SE: Why I cannot get a nice costume!  Why do I have a FAKE cheerleader shirt and FAKE pom-poms!

I made her take some photos....

I don't like my costume. Or these pom-poms
Smile. With my fake pom-poms.

But when we walked into the school, she tried to hide behind me.  Haha poor kiddo.  I went to talk to the teacher to point out the home-made costumes, hoping she would praise it.  She did so hopefully SE was happy enough after that!

Just yesterday, it was a 'Hari Raya'-themed day.  We totally forgot about it until we arrived at school and noticed others were NOT in uniform.  Drove to my parents' place and tried to find suitable clothes.... SE rejected all the options as they were NOT HARI RAYA CLOTHES!  Hehe.  In the end she wore cousin Erin's dress.   And complained all the way back to school.  And insisted I go and speak to her teacher to explain why she wasn't in Hari Raya costume.

This is so not a Hari Raya costume...

She could have worn CNY clothes instead if we'd remembered.  Oh well, what to do.  It would have taken over an hour to drive home and retrieve those.  While my parents' place is only 5 mins away.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jungle gym

Cousin Erin's birthday wrapped up the activity-filled kids' birthdays for this year. Jungle gym this time!  The girls were so excited.

We are here. Where is everyone else?

Take a picture first before going in

This time I totally forgot about passing a camera to my maid Jane. Sigh. No pictures of what they were doing inside.

It was a fun experience for the kids.  They went in at 11am, came out for lunch and cake, went back in and would only come out again at 5.30pm.  Hubby thought of driving home first. But what if someone had a little emergency and needed us?  So we stayed. And stayed... haha.  There are only so many things you can do in a small-ish mall like Atria.

Cake time!

Finally coming out of there

The kids asked to stay longer.  But the adults were too tired haha.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

How come

I'm living with a drama queen.

When she can't find an eraser...
SE:  How come this whole house got NO ERASER!

When she can't find her colour pencils...
SE: How come there are no colour pencils IN THIS HOUSE!

When kakak has put her schoolbag in the car...

Kakak how come my bag is not here?

I want to put my book in my bag!

How can I put my book in if you don't bring my bag??

Even though she was about to go into the car herself.  Apparently she can't bring that book to the bag already there.

Monday, June 18, 2018

First night

We bought a small apartment near my parents' house.  It's a good half-hour drive each way, in decent traffic, between their house and mine.  Hubby doesn't want to move from our house, so this apartment is a compromise.

Like my previous post, this is just to remember.

The girls were so excited about spending our first night at the apartment. So after dinner at my parents' house, off we went.

Arrived within 10 mins.  While unloading the car, noticed that SE was doubled up with tummy pains. Debated between dragging her to the bushes and trying for the apartment.  Decided on the latter.  Took a few steps, SE suddenly crouched down and vomited. A LOT, and on the road near the entrance to the lobby.

Poor kid still didn't feel better after that.  We didn't have any medicines or thermometer.

We couldn't find the remote controls for the air-cons. Our maid Jane managed to switch the ones in the living/dining area on by poking the switch with a long mop handle.  But this didn't work with the one in the bedroom.  Hubby came online (he was away on 2-week holiday in the Balkans) and told us to switch on the compressor on the balcony.  But... we couldn't find the keys to get to the balcony.  So we pulled the mattresses to the living area where it was cooler.

With all this going on, SE was completely quiet.

 Still pain-pain

Around 11pm, she was still writhing around and felt warm to the touch.  I decided to take her to the doctor and got changed.  Suddenly she vomited again.  Luckily we have a beer ice bucket.  And after that, she looked distinctly better.

Play ipad with Jojo
(In foreground is that useful ice bucket)

Phew.  I decided to drive out and buy Panadol anyway, since she still felt warm.  Went down and the security guard asked if we could clean up that pile of vomit.  Aiyo how... we didn't have pails or water or rags or anything. Told him I needed to go and buy medicine for my child, then I'd think how to clean it.

Speedmart was closed but I found chewable Panadol at 7-11. SE took it without fuss.  And I'd figured out a plan for the pile of vomit - scoop it up and put into a bag.  So down we went leaving the kids alone - Jane with some cardboard from unpacking boxes and a paper bag, me with that ice bucket filled with water.  With that, we got the job done.

It was past midnight already.

SE would vomit once more after bedtime.  By the next morning...

Look, the bear is playing with the bunny!

Mummy, take a picture! The babies are so cute!

All better already.  Haha.  Oh what a night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

JE's first outside party

Just to remember this.

JE went for her first "outside" birthday party - her classmate's.  She was so excited at receiving the invitation.  (SE was also, until she found out she wasn't included! After that she was very grumpy indeed)   I wasn't keen on sending her all the way there, what more in the evening.  But hubby said he would send her there and I'd only have to fetch her.  Well ok right, since she was looking forward to it so much.  She caught the stomach bug just before the party, but the vomiting stopped in time.  So off she went. Nice dress, a present for the birthday girl.

My little girl is in there

9.00pm I went to fetch her at night with SE in tow.  I noticed my phone battery was low when leaving the house, but figured it should be enough.  Problem #1 they were tarring the road in front of my house.  Took a while to get past the 1-way system.  Problem #2 we hit a Ramadan bazaar on the way.  Took a while to get past the jam.  Problem #3 Waze took us through dark 'kampung' roads.  And I realised my phone battery wouldn't be enough to get us to JE.  There was no way I'd be able to find the friend's house in the dark since it wasn't me sending her there earlier.  So what to do, made the decision to turn back home to get a power bank.  Problem #4 the roads were jammed going home because of the roadworks.

10.00pm Reached home and retrieved power bank.

Managed to call the friend's father after I got the power bank.  He reassured me they would take care of JE until I got there.  Phew.  I was relieved and was better able to entertain SE's non-stop questions and comments.  I envisioned JE running around and giggling away with her friend, and asking why I came to pick her so early!

10.40pm  We arrived.  Problem #5, JE was in tears. The other kids had already left.  And apparently the friend's father didn't tell JE that her mummy would be late.

Problem #6 JE had tummy pains on the way home and had to poo urgently.  I managed to stop the car in time, on a dark 'kampung' road.  Now the ONLY good thing that happened that night.... I had a full-ish bottle of water to wash her backside!  Haha.  And she was fine after the poo.

What a night!

JE later said that when she got there, she'd already wanted to go home. She only knew two other people.  The others played some games but she didn't join in.  And she didn't talk to the  birthday girl after the others left because she had nothing to say to her.

My poor shy girl.

Friday, June 8, 2018


SE likes drawing.

Draw draw draw

How to draw? Easy!

I get little drawings all the time, like this rather fierce bunny.

Must take more pictures of her 'art'.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Gymrama competition

It's competition day!  Registration was at 930am so started getting ready at home.  Luckily my maid Jane is good at doing hair and make-up.

Hair, check

JE didn't like her (rented) costume much.  But it was the only one that fit her at the time.  I think overall it was nice actually, as the green stood out amongst the more common colours.


SE was lucky to get a nice red one.


JE had the freehand and rope routines.  She did well this time!  Overall placing 2nd hehe.  She isn't in the elite category but it's still good to do well in her group.


SE had freehand and ball.  She was 3rd in freehand which was good.  But when it came to the ball, she kept fumbling and dropping the ball.  It was a mess. She came to me and bawled right after the event.  Maybe it was due to not being able to see properly, as competitors don't go in with glasses.  Next time must get her to practice at home without glasses.

It's ok to fail, little one. 
Pick yourself up and do better next time

Everyone gets a medal, just different colours.

Medals and certs for us!

Proud of my girls!

Until the next round.