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Friday, August 30, 2013

Genting for durian

We were up in Genting again last weekend.  I'm not numbering our trips any more (and in fact did not post about our previous trip) so yeah I stopped counting after Trip 20!  Nothing new to post, heh.  This trip was for durian... but it wasn't like before.  Instead of a special buffet for privileged customers, it was just a RM70 voucher. Luckily hubby didn't want any - more for me.

Su Ern had her first taste of durian and liked it. Jo Ern had a few bites and then wanted coconut. The RM70 was enough for 2 coconuts so that was all right. :)

Mummy:  Come, try this!
JE: Don't really want...
SE: I want, I want

Mummy: Fine, I eat by myself. And give Su Ern some
SE: Yummy!
JE: My hands smell funny

I think, we need to go somewhere else for holidays besides Genting. These are hardly 'family' trips. The moment we arrive, hubby takes off by himself either to the casino or to the VIP area for alcohol and food (free for platinum card holders. The kids cannot enter and therefore I cannot since I have to watch them). From then on it will be a battle to get him back to our side! This trip, we ended up calling room service for lunch as I couldn't drag him out of the casino before the restaurants closed. RM35 just for fried rice... luckily it was yummy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kungfu master

Last week...

Breathe in, breathe out



In other words... she walks! Toddles all over the place now. She unbalances and tips over easily though - left, right, backwards. Hubby says we should get her a crash helmet. :)

I'm a clever girl!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pricy drinks

Recently we went to the house of hubby's friend for dinner.  As usual with his friends, alcohol is always a big part of the event. But this time even I took photos. Well, just of the champagnes which is what impressed me most. Right to left: Moet Chandon RM300, Dom Perignon RM680, Krug RM800.  Phew!!

What is so special about these??

I check and see if got gold inside

So how were they? The Moet was nice, the Dom was very dry and I couldn't appreciate it really.  The Krug wasn't opened that night. I was well satisfied to have had some of the first two anyway!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Look, no hands

Su Ern has been holding herself upright for quite some time now.  Then she started to stand by herself, smiling and very proud of herself.  Now she can take a few steps by herself.  But she will sit down quickly, being either not confident or just plain lazy (suspect the latter heh).

I finally managed to get a pic of her standing, by herself.

Kakak, no need to hold! Shoo!


Heh notice how dark her feet are against the floor?  This one looks like she won't be turning fair.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big sis

JE has been a pretty good big sis from the beginning.  I was wary of sibling rivalry when SE was born.  But JE would plant kisses on SE, pat her tummy when she cried, bring toys for her.  Once we went out for dinner and SE was crying. One of the shop owners came to carry SE so that we could finish dinner in peace. JE was uncomfortable that an outsider had SE and kept a sharp eye on that person throughout!  The person mentioned it too when we finished and she handed SE over... "You don't have to worry about your small one, your big one kept checking on me!"

Sometimes she will let SE have something "because she is my Su Ern".  I do like her choice of words. :) And I do hope my two girls will grow up being the best of friends.

Must watch over my little sister

And play with her sometimes

Peek-a-boo, Su Ern! Hee hee hee

Monday, August 5, 2013

Call Shadow

For some reason, my maid Ilyn likes to ask SE to call our dog, Shadow.  For example, while Ilyn is feeding her... "Su Ern call Shadow? Sha-dowwwwww.  Call Shadow? Shaa-doowwwww."  And if SE is refusing her baby food... "Sha-dowww... Su Ern don't want to eat!!"  And while bathing her... "Call Shadow? Sha-dowww.  Su Ern don't want to pom-pom"

Hubby says poor Shadow must be so confused!  For me, calling the dog is definitely not the first word I want to hear from SE!  Still, what to do?  It's not really a big deal and I guess Shadow is a neutral subject when you need to chatter about something with the kiddo.

Ilyn also clucks her tongue while calling Shadow.  And SE does follow! I find this part quite cute actually.

Su Ern, how do you call Shadow?

Cluck! (look at her tongue heh)

Heheee! I'm so clever!

Call Shadow again?



My cutie pie @ 1y 2m old.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

3rd maid lucky?

Third Filipino maid, that is. I'm breathing easier now that I have a maid. My hands would already be full juggling work, housework and a toddler. Add a baby, my cup runneth over. Ilyn is working out well so far. Better than Annie and definitely better than Reyme. She's pleasant, hardworking, good with kids, can cook etc. I'm just not relaxing my guard too soon. :)

She actually ran away from her previous employer and her papers aren't sorted out yet. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everything will turn out fine. (My rogue of an agent gave me a temp maid, a reject maid and now a runaway maid! I do like this one though and hope she stays.)

But SE doesn't seem to like her much! No idea why as Ilyn does carry and play with her often.

This one my new kakak. But I want my Mummy. Mummyyy!!