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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

4-eye pictures

Hubby WOULD buy an ice-cream each for the kids... at RM10+ each sigh.  (*I* would buy a tub of imported ice-cream to take home at RM20+ only!).  JE chose chocolate while SE chose bubble-gum flavour (*I* wouldn't have let her choose this insane blue thing!)

Chocolate for me!

And who is that at the side... that's SE with her just-collected glasses.

Bubble-gum for me
(Note the blue-ish mouth!)


Could look worse I guess?  She doesn't wear them all the time at the moment.  But she seems fine with them and says that she can see things clearer.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Photoshoot 2016

I haven't taken the kids for a studio photoshoot for a while, apparently since year 2013.  (Unless I find another post later heh).

So here we go...  this studio was so-so.  The one in the previous post had someone to interact with the child while another person clicked away.  This studio was standard -  request the child to pose, then click.


It's much harder with two kids.  JE would be smiling and ready, while SE would be fussing around with something.  By the time SE is ready, JE would have been holding the smile a long time already.


(SE was in her 'eating hair' phase)

Looking at the photos now, they do look nice!

Friday, November 25, 2016

More 2-eye pictures

So I went paparazzi on SE before going to the optometrist.  She poses like this, strikes a pose and holds it a few seconds.  And she doesn't look at the camera:

Take picture with flower

More flowers

Another pretty flower

Take picture, Mummy!

She always likes going to the Secret Garden. She will take the 'map' and walk around saying she's the leader, 'read' out the labels on the plants, poses for pictures etc.  We know the place by now so there are a few favourites.

Love this Rapunzel hair!

Cute or not?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2-eye pictures

Posting some pictures before SE becomes 4-eyes.
We have gone to get her glasses and she chose a pink pair.  Oh, must relate a couple more amusing incidents.

The day before going to the optometrist, SE was having her afternoon nap.  JE woke up and was having ice-cream.

JE:  Su Ern will have to wear specs?
Me:  Yes.  Because the doctor said she cannot see very well
JE:  Maybe she will look a bit funny with specs.
Me:  Maybe.  But you don't laugh at her ok?
JE:  OK *nodding

Good, all set.  Wouldn't want SE to feel weird if other kids started pointing and laughing.

When SE woke up...
JE:  Tomorrow we go and get your specs.  I promise not to laugh at you.
Me:  JO ERN!!!

Aiyo hahaha.  JE didn't see what the problem was.

Smile for the camera. Take picture, mummy!

At the eye specialist, we were waiting for the next session of eye-drops after SE screamed through the first one.  The nurse was putting eye-drops on a young lady seated next to us.  So I nudged SE who was playing the iPad (as a bribe for opening her eyes for the next round of drops).

Me:  See, look at that.  Other people don't cry when putting eye-drops.
SE:  *Took one quick look*  That one ADULT.

Hehe.  She excused her behaviour very quickly indeed!

I'm a kid, not adult

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Visit to the eye doctor

Took SE to the eye specialist today.

At breakfast...  As usual these two eat at snails pace and need to be hurried.

SE:  If I eat fast and Jo Ern eat slow, then you leave Jo Ern at home.
SE:  If Jo Ern eat fast and I eat slow, you cannot leave me at home.  Because *I* are going to the eye doctor.

And slightly later...

SE:  Today you cannot leave me at home.  Because the one going to the eye doctor is me, me, ME.

She must have been feeling 'special' haha.

Selfie!  (Notice the one closed eye)

It was a long wait and when we finally got in,  SE happily clambered onto the 'patient' chair.  The doct checked and said hmm.... the power is very high.  Oh-oh.  Asked for eye drops to be put first so he could check properly.

And this is a small problem began...

No! Don't want! Pain-pain!!

The drops must have stung.  The process had to be repeated twice, after 10mins or so each time, as not enough drop went in the first two times.

No!!  Noo!  Noooooo!

The result?  SE has far-sightedness or hyperopia, where images form behind the retina instead of on it.  The doctor was surprised how high her power was - about 600.  He gave an eyeglasses prescription for 400/450.  As expected the 'lazy' eye is the one with the higher power.  He said it's good that we brought her in now, as later she would have developed a squint.

I know there are worst things, but right now I'm upset.  Glasses would make life tough for a little girl who loves to play, squirm, cuddle, be carried, kiss and hug people non-stop.  Glasses would absolutely get in the way all the time.  And I'm also thinking of trivial matters like how SE wouldn't look sweet and cute in photos any more.  :(

(JE just asked to go swimming tomorrow.  And I'm thinking oh, SE would need powered goggles now?  *bawll*)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lazy eye?

SE is usually up to all kinds of tricks.  But this time I do think it's not her cheekiness.

She is definitely favouring one eye these days.

I want THAT one

Need to get her to an eye doctor to check.  :(

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fast asleep

SE sleeps till late as she doesn't have to get up for school or anything.  But sometimes she wakes up when we're getting ready in the morning.  And becomes a big nuisance... running a toy up and down my body when I am putting on office clothes, demanding to be carried, sitting down crying on the floor etc.

Once in a blue moon, she does go back to sleep.  Last week I found her like this...



Fast asleep on the floor about 2 feet away from the bed.  When I related the story to my colleague, she asked whether I carried SE back to bed.  And I said, no, I just snapped pictures and then went off to work.  Bad mummy haha.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

JE's second concert

Second concert already... this time she was pretty enthusiastic about it unlike last year.  She got me to download the songs she was dancing to and played them many times.  For this very shy girl, I am happy when she comes out of her shell in any way.

All set!

It was also graduation from kindergarten. Didn't expect graduation robes already!  *sniff*


Receiving the certificate

SE went to support as well.  She enjoyed watching the various dances.  And played with balloons during the speeches.

Take photo together

Wow how time flies.  Not long ago I was entrusting my baby for the first time to the care of outsiders.  And now she's 'graduating'.  And next year the cycle starts with SE.  *sniff again*