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Monday, December 28, 2015

Short trip to Genting

School holidays are still on, still time to fit in some activities!  So last weekend it was off to Genting. We used to go VERY often when hubby was a super-valued customer.  He resumed work after a couple of years off and since then hasn't had time to haunt the casino as much.... which is a good thing, really.  Downside is we don't get free rooms, free vouchers and such already.

Oh well, he does have enough points left for a few more free trips.  So what to do there with the theme park closed?

Eat junk food in bed while watching cartoons

Spend lots of time in the bath tub and shower

Munch on pizza

As usual, the kids loved going to the arcade and punching buttons. And nope, I still don't spend actual money on the machines!  Wonder how long before I do though... my hubby commented that these kids were so pitiful hacking away at the non-responsive machines!

For now, happy kids. The weather was cold which was nice.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No-good eater

JE has never been easy to feed.  She doesn't like many categories of food, won't eat all that much of of food that she DOES like and what's more, will take a long time to eat it.

She's usually the last one left at the table at meal-times.  She was doing this so I grabbed my camera....


What, mummy? I'm eating my lunch

WHAT? I'm still eating!

She doesn't like bread, pastries, cake... oh wait it'd be easier to list the food she DOES like. There are basically just two - 1) crunchy food and 2) salty food.  Better still if the two are combined, e.g. Japanese rice crackers.


Thursday, December 17, 2015


I have been busy clearing my annual leave for the year.  The good thing is, I only have to work 2 or 3 days a week since November.  The bad is, I have to squeeze 5 days of work into those days! Unfortunately my workload is high at the moment so I sometimes end up having to work on the days when I'm on leave.

I also have an additional small problem... with people who come along and just plonk themselves onto my lap.

I am helping Mummy work

Me: Mummy has to work. You sit there and don't disturb ok?

See? Ih ticky ticky.

Within a minute...

SE:  Mummy, say hello to Pai-der man.
Me:  ......
SE:  Mummy! Say hello!
Me: Hello, Spiderman.
SE: (Pointing to the hands) Thih ih hih hand.  (Pointing to the feet) Thih ih hih feet.  (Pointing to the waist) And thih ih hih panty.
Me: Panty? Hahah.  OK ok mummy has to work, you play by yourself.

SE:  Pai-der man ih ticky ticky.  See?  Ticky ticky.
Me:  *Gave up trying to work in order to attend to SE and her sticky-sticky spiderman.

Monday, December 14, 2015

To the zoo!

The weather was good last Sunday, so decided it was a good day for the zoo.  It's still the long year-end school holidays and I aim to put in a few more activities with the kids.  Our last visit to the zoo was ooh, 3 years ago already.

This isn't a petting zoo but JE found a friendly pony.

Pet pet pet

After a while, SE noticed she didn't have the wristband that everyone else had. Kicked up a fuss so we fashioned one for her out of a spare leaflet. (Admission tickets are needed for kids above 3, but she's just over 3 so... sneak her in without ticket hehe)

Now I have thih also. Nek (next) time don't forget one for me

So we saw various animals. :)




It rained before we were done, so had to wait it out. Hubby said there was fried rice etc on sale, but I only saw snacks at the two kiosks I checked. Oh well, what the girls wanted were snacks.

SE: Popcorn!
JE: I want it, I want to hold it

JE: Popcorn!
(Love her thrilled expression, luckily managed to snap)

We were pretty tired after!  All that walking.  Next time I must bring more food.  We only had lunch around 4.30pm after leaving.

Greetings from the zoo!

The kids enjoyed themselves. Till the next visit (maybe in another 2-3 years...)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stressed meal-times

When will these kiddos behave like normal people I wonder?  :)  Went for sushi last weekend...

Upon sitting down, had to restrain SE from ordering unwanted items via the online menu. She has done that before when nobody was looking at her for a few minutes - we managed to cancel one item and ate the other one.  Funny how someone who doesn't read yet is able order food...

I want to press buttons on the iPad! I want!

Then JE and SE fought over 'helping' hubby prepare his wasabi...  SE had to retire from the fight after our maid pulled her away.

Stir stir stir stir.... STIR STIR STIR 

Then JE and SE fought over the printed menu.  JE got it and SE wasn't happy...


Also had to restrain them from going wild with the chopsticks, the sauce plates, the soy sauce, the pickled ginger, picking unwanted items off the conveyer belt.  Stress to the max!

Luckily they settled down once food started arriving.

Mummy's lunch is so cute!

When these two monkeys are all grown up, I might miss the time when I had my hands so full with them.  :)

Want poke Jo-jo's tongue... heheheee

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ipoh Trip 2015 - Days 2 and 3

Started day 2 with breakfast at Kong Heng and then a visit to Seenivasagam park. :)  Nothing particularly special about this park, just that it used to be our frequent haunt when me and my siblings were living in Ipoh.  As usual, maintenance isn't great.  The kids enjoyed the play equipment.

Who's next to climb up the ladder?

Some complained about the heat (city people, sigh) so next we just went to Ipoh Parade. Lunch at Yum Yum (food is all right, but I'm sure there are better places).  Then back for an afternoon nap. There are restrictions when travelling with a big group comprising small kids, so we just took it easy. And ate a lot.  Dinner we went to Gluttons Square hawker centre - I enjoyed most of the food we ordered! My kids, who aren't all that interested in food, weren't too happy.

When told we were going out and it was for dinner:

JE: Mummy, I'm not hungryyyy
SE: Mummy, I'm fullll

Later that night, when I asked them what they wanted for breakfast, this is what I got:

SE:  I don't want to eat any more

Can't be arranging foodie trips with these two, sigh.

Next day, went to Sam Poh Tong.  This time, was determined to take a family photo!  Here:

Say cheese!

The kids had a blast feeding the animals.  For turtles, the traditional 'kangkong' (watercress?) and baby tomatoes were on sale.

Girls feeding turtles

Turtles prefer baby tomatoes to 'kangkong'

Then bought food for the next type of animal...


This was a good place for the kids! We went to buy snacks after that and then lunch.  Lunch was disappointing though. We were aiming for Nam Heong, but it was packed.  We chose a random shop nearby and ended up with really lousy food. Uggh in Ipoh which is known for good food!  In hindsight we should just have driven off somewhere.  Oh well, next time.

I wanted to try the famous tau foo fah.  Hmm read from some blogs that a bowl costs 80sen... well our packed versions were RM2.50 each.  Which is a pretty steep inflation rate!  My kids refused more food.  Aiyoo.

Don't want food, please go away

OK, so when's our next family trip...  :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ipoh Trip 2015 - Day 1

Another family holiday. :)

SE insisted on bringing this big bag. Inside are essential stuff, i.e. toys.

Packed all my stuff

 First up was lunch at Tanjung Tualang. Take picture with the prawn tanks first...

Hmm can't see the prawns really

Some of the food! Ordered too much (as usual) and just when we thought we'd almost cleared up, a big dish of fried prawns came! Luckily it was good.

Steamed prawns, oyster omelette, fried prawns, sweet sour crab
Not in pic - Curry fish head, sweet sour pork, black fungus chicken, vegetable

Next stop, Kellie's Castle.  We didn't enter as admission charges were rather high and the kids won't be able to walk much anyway.  Good decision as it turned out, since the skies poured about 10mins after we left.

That's a castle behind us!

Checked into our homestay and got a nice room. :)

This is our room!

Dinner was Tauge Chicken and various yong tau foo.  I liked having to combine THREE tables to seat everyone!

Waiting for food