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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trip to Tanjung Sepat - Day 2

Woke up to a breakfast of steamed-up famous pow with coffee. Pow tasted good but I still can't get past the price haha. Then on to more fun activities! First up was the mini-zoo at Kuan Wellness. Err... somehow overshot the turning and found ourselves in Pantai Morib. Too bad the other car had already arrived at the correct destination so we couldn't stay. Had a slight problem getting the girls back into the car as they so wanted to play on the beach.

Wait firhh , I are drawing
(Wait first, I am drawing)

The mini-zoo experience was 'unexpected'. What I hoped for were a few rabbits to pet. What I got was a whole horde of rabbits running free round the place, with dirty and unkempt fur! They must have been hungry/bored as they chased us around. SE was terrified.

Helppp!! Help me, mummy!

Luckily there was a cage with 4 baby rabbits and the mother. Now at least these were clean and cute (and not scary).

Hi there cute baby rabbits!

Tried for Ah Hock bak kut teh but they were was sold out so we had another seafood lunch. Then a quick trip to the fishball factory (fried ones were good). Missed the turning to the longan farm so just did the dragon fruit one.

Now this here, peeps, is a young dragonfruit

Two days passed rather fast.  Kids were asking to go again so this was definitely a good trip!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trip to Tanjung Sepat - Day 1

Nearly had to cancel this trip due to the haze. Luckily it cleared up in time! And Ah Kong who isn't feeling too well eventually decided to come. :)  Note to self: Next time must take a group photo.

First up was lunch at Sg Pelek. But the one dish I remember from our previous trip, the fish maw soup, turned out to be something you need to order in advance. Oh well, the dishes we had were pretty good. Err no, I couldn't find a single photo of food from this trip hehe.

Waiting to eat!

Mindful of the many kids on board, we then headed for our Ohana Greenstay bungalow to relax. Only 'resurfaced' after showers/naps/snacks . :)  Then we did the "touristy" round - bought pow (now at a cut-throat price of Rm2.80 each!), bought coffee, gawked at this uncle making 'wood biscuit' (called that as the biscuits become hard after a few days).

Got this punching guy behind our house!

Charcoal at the top, also at the bottom

Lovers' bridge was still closed. But we loved this shop nearby - they'd put props outside for people to take photos with. Had fun taking some:

Pots behind me


Tell me, what am I selling again?

Drink with uncle up there

It IS a proper shop, selling lots of interesting things.

So many sweets

Dinner was pretty good again. After that it was back to the bungalow at Bagan Lalang. The back garden is huge, has a BBQ pit and faces a lake. There are kayaks and bicycles provided but we didn't have the time.

Going to sleep soon...

Been a good day, one more coming!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Not worth it

I saw some cute mooncake cookies and thought the girls would like them. Chose the cutest, a panda, first. Went through the rest and finally selected a butterfly as JE generally likes girly things. I was feeling good anticipating my happy girls.

Reached home and distributed the mooncakes.

JE? Loved the butterfly.

Mummy, you picked butterfly for me because you know I like?


SE: Got more butterfai?


SE: The butterfai ih a GIRL. Thih panda ih a BOYYY.


She dropped her panda to the floor. (WHAT!)
Then went bawling to Papa... "Mummy naughty! Mummy naughty!! WaaAAA!" (WHAAAAT!)

And steadfastly refused a SINGLE bite of that mooncake.

For all my effort, well-meaning intentions and not to mention money spent, I got:

1.  One angry small girl
2.  Panda thrown onto the floor
3.  Panda thrown at me (Ya that was naughty, but I was too amused to reprimand her. Also she was pretty upset)
4.  Complained about to hubby
5.  One panda mooncake to eat all by myself (OK this part wasn't too bad!)

I like thih one. Not the panda. Coh ih a BOYY
(I like this one, not the panda. Coz that's a BOY)

A deed totally NOT worth it.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Lego again

And my Lego hobby continues! (And grows... hehe)

The kids have an extended rabbit Duplo set.  They like to mess around with my stuff though.  I used to try blocking SE from my Lego but her little hands are so quick at grabbing that I gave up trying, What's not to like right, these bright hardy bricks that encourage creativity and fun?

Thih one Mummy Lego. But I can pray
(This one Mummy's Lego, but I can play)

They've spent hours on this particular one.  It's sitting permanently on the table and they fiddle with it all the time, mixing and matching minifigure parts and moving everything all around.

Don't di-turb, I building Lego

Of course, sharing my hobby with the kids has its surprises.  That yellow car, if you open the bonnet, you will see the engine... EH! How come got a pie and mug there??

Built-in picnic! Hehehe

No I don't know about the picnic. Nor the part that just fell off

Now that the inner child in me is awakened, coupled with the spending power of an adult... Mwahahaha.  Ok ok I AM trying to keep my Lego spend down. Going to limit to the things I really like.  And those that are selling for very good price hehehe.

My mummy bought all this Lego... *smacks head*

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No point crying

My big girl... is not so big yet after all. She'd been requesting to go to the DVD shop for a while, and last weekend we agreed to make the trip.  Kiddo was so happy!  Reached the shop after half an hour only to find it closed.  Poor kiddo cried most of the way back.

I tried to reason with her that there's no point crying, it won't change anything, sometimes things don't work out etc.  That didn't help.




Another recent incident:  She couldn't find her doggy when it was time to leave my parents' place. That doggy travels daily there so she could nap with it, and travels back home for the night.  Quite a few times the small dog was nowhere to be seen when it was time to go.  My parents, my previous maids, hubby, myself, other adults who happen to be around - all have accumulated considerable time looking for this doggy!  Sometimes it will be found, sometimes not.  This time it stayed firmly hidden and I was treated to the very real grief of a 5yo the whole 40-min journey home.

"Waaaaahhhh Doggy Dog-ggeeeeee DOG-GGEEEEEE.......
I want my dog-geeee.
I want, *sob* I want my dog-gee
My doggy is so nice, *sob* the ears are so nice, *sob* I rub the ears when I sleep.... 

I was torn between feeling very sorry for her and being very amused at this outpouring of emotions over a small toy dog!

I have my doggy and all's right with the world

Guess she's just a little girl after all!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Someone's in the loo

This is how you know JE is doing her big business.

See?  The boss is inside.

This happens for big business only.  Pants will remain on her legs for small business.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Stroller cycle

Arrgh won't she make up her mind??  We go through this cycle...

I don't want to be in this stroller!

It's cramping my style!

I want to WALK. Now.

Then, a very short while later...

Ooh I'm so tired having to walk

Pao-pao! (Meaning: Carry me!)

Eventually she gets put in the stroller again and the whole cycle repeats.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tomato garden

Ta-dahhh... tomato garden grown from the seeds of just a couple of baby tomatoes.

Mummy says I can shoot these with my water gun

One baby tomato to eat!

The harvest is not bountiful.  But it's nice to see plants grow, then flowers appear, then baby fruit, then the fruit turning colour.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Age of innocence

... at least I hope the following incidents were completely out of innocence! When we stopped at a traffic light recently, SE waved at the guy in the car next door.  Of course he waved back - most people do respond to young kids. Then JE waved at him too.  Following conversation ensued:

SE:  He like me!
JE:  No, he likes ME!
SE:  No! ME!

Oh dear.  I really, REALLY hope these two won't ever fight over a guy.

When we went for dinner last week, JE developed a liking for a young foreigner doing odd jobs around the shop.  She waved to him so he waved back. And so it went on throughout dinner - wave-wave, smile-smile, giggle and cover mouth, wriggle fingers at him round the side of her chair and over the top.  Bad enough to have this 5yo busy "flirting" away.  Near the end of dinner, I suddenly noticed SE had stood up on her baby chair. AND HAD DROPPED HER PANTS. Back side, front side was well and truly exposed. Gaaaahhhh. Didn't check if she was directing the flashing at that young foreigner or she was just being cheeky in general. Quickly pulled up her pants. And decided it was time to leave.

I so do NOT want them to grow up too fast. But check out the posing:

Pout, pose

Arggh where did she learn to do that? Much prefer cute and innocent:

Bleh! Hehehe

The small one got into the action as usual:

Oh I'm so pretty!

Take a picture of my leg posing!

Hahaha. Now I'm back on comfort ground.