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Thursday, July 28, 2011

And Sunday

Will I be pretty like Alicia che-che one day?

How fast time flies if you think there is plenty of it, heh.  Posting this mainly coz I have rare clear photos of Jo Ern. :)  It's not easy capturing clear photos of her as she is either moving or engrossed in something.  Shots in the latter category are  clear but she then looks pretty much the same when engrossed.  These days she often comes over to grab the camera too.

So Sunday, we had a post-wedding lunch hosted by Kingsley and Alicia.  Jo Ern had a grand time walking all over the restaurant.  As the lunch crowd thinned, the staff gave her plenty of attention.  When one person put her down, there was someone waiting to carry her.  The 'captain' gave her a walkie-talkie, she carried it around giggling away as the captain talked to her from the other set.  Then another staff gave her a biscuit.  Not a bad outing for the little girl!

Mummy says, Que sera sera, what will be will be

Hmm Jo Ern has rather big ears...

After lunch, back home for some rest before heading out for dinner.  This was the full-moon for baby Erin.   Lots of food again when I was still full from lunch.  Aiks why do makan sessions all come at the same time!  Erin looks soooo tiny but she is bigger than Jo Ern was at birth.  How fast babies grow, sigh.  (Didn't get any good pictures so subbing with an earlier one.) 

Don't cry, baby Erin, che-che is here

Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Saturday

Ahh a nice Saturday. Hmm how shall I entertain Mummy today?

I unveiled more toys for Jo Ern last weekend.  But she had more fun playing with normal household things.  I really should stop myself from buying toys... I can't tell beforehand which will hold her interest.  By the time I know, the thing is already sitting in my house and left its mark on my pocket!  Blame it on being too free at work haha.  I am shaking legs being in between assignments and it's all too easy to surf and buy stuff online.

I know! I do the Double-foodcover Dance

I also do the Big-hat Dance

Mummy, help! Cannot see!

I couldn't stop laughing when she walked out from the back with this paddy-field hat on!  She has been playing with it recently and my maid must have put it on her head.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little... climber?

Just must blog about what Jo Ern did last night.  We were watching TV while Jo Ern moved around the living room playing with this and that.  I heard music from her activity table and assumed she was in her toy corner located behind us.  After a while hubby walked over to check and found this:

Clever me climbed up all by myself... now how do I open the door?

She'd pushed her toy table to our entrance door, climbed up and was busy fiddling with the door handle and lock!  This at just 15 months old, what will she get up to next time??  The table is quite high for someone her height.  And she was using her feet to move the smiley ball on the table, which results in music and flashing lights.

Guess these were merely practice sessions:

Up! (She succeeds most of the time)


On the bright side, as my mum would put it, at least Jo Ern is 'not a dumb-dumb'!  So she can figure out how to use something as a tool to reach her goal.  But maybe I should prepare myself for more heart-stopping moments...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Little walker

Pretty dress, check.  Pretty shoes, check.

Get ready, world, here I come!

Wasn't it only yesterday when she was struggling to lift her head, then to push herself forward, to stand?  Sigh.  How fast they grow.  At the year-old mark which is the official end of babyhood, she didn't seem to be anywhere near the next classification, that of a toddler.  A few months on and she's toddling upright all over the place.  Way to go, my baby girl!

Took these pictures last night before dinner.  The only downside, she was having so much fun she didn't want to sit and eat.  Arched her back and screamed when we wanted to put her in the highchair.  Hmm looks like there will be new challenges with every milestone...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What are you doing Mummy?
Mummy: Playing the Ipad. We play together ok?

I want to hold the Ipad! Wanna hold! Want!

Mine, all mine. Lala la laaaa...

It sure looks like many people own an Ipad these days.  My hubby couldn't resist being one of the first to get the Ipad2.  Which is good, coz by now he's gotten over the obssession and I get some time with it! 

Jo Ern?  Let's just say she's NOT a good companion to play with.  At first I thought poking at the screen should be within her ability.  But all she wants to do is to press the 'Home' button which cancels out everything.  And grab the whole Ipad for herself.  So either I go off by myself to play, leaving her crying angrily, or she gets what she wants (for a while).

Monday, July 11, 2011

Eating strike

About the hardest part of taking care of Jo Ern is feeding her.  She is on ANOTHER eating strike after a short bout of fever.  The fever has gone but she continued to refuse food.  Well that is, the nutritious and yummy food painstakingly planned and prepared by Mummy. *roll eyes*  I HAVE given up forgoing seasoning on her food and have been using salt, soy sauce, ikan bilis, marmite.  So last week I didn't send any more cooked food after the predecessors all ended up in the bin.  She has been surviving on milk, fruit, cheese, yogurt, cereal and biscuits.

Ah ok, still nice and slim.
Mummy: Oi, you're supposed to GROW!

Aiks this little kid of mine.  She had just reached the 9kg mark and now she's gone below, this at 15 months.  I am hoping she doesn't take after hubby, who also prefers snacks and junk food to real food!  (And is always worrying about being underweight, heh)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bath time

Water's getting into my eyes! Stop, Papa, stop! Waaaaa!

Now THIS is a better way of getting clean

Jo Ern gets a bath from hubby in the mornings and a refresher sponging from our maid Lina in the evenings.  Since the baby bath-tub was returned for my sister's new baby, hubby has been using the shower.  Actually Jo Ern does NOT like any of these methods much. 

1.  With bath-tub:  OK when being soaped, cry when being rinsed. Probably didn't like water getting into her eyes.
2.  With shower:  Grab onto Papa's legs and wail pitifully.  Probably scared of water in her eyes again.
3.  Sponge bath:  Cry at being restrained to one place, want to go and play instead

Poor kiddo, heh.  She does seem to be adapting to the shower.  She still clings on to hubby's legs, but he pats her head down before the rinsing part so there will be less water on her face.

(Ahem... notice that I am not involved in cleaning her?  Heheh.  I will also look for hubby or Lina to change diapers too!  Well my excuse is I'm already in charge of Jo Ern's food preparation, all supplies planning/purchasing and basically overall supervision.  Division of duties mah... heheh)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Walking already

Look, I have SHOES!  Hehehe...

Coz I can walk already!

Now no need Justin koko to carry

Jo Ern walks now!  I don't quite know how to put the age when she started.  Can't count the initial stage of taking steps with support right?  Or the rushing-towards-someone-before-falling-down stage.  Or the always-sitting-down-suddenly stage.  Well can safely say she's walking quite well at 14.5 months.  She is walking wherever she pleases now, and goes all over the house!  Better than being transported by Justin koko, definitely!