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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Water babies

The kids love water.  We went to a friend's condo recently, and planned a pool visit.

Our maid Jane packed SE's swim pants but not the shirt.... resulting in a bawling session from poor SE haha.

Eventually she was persuaded to wear her T-shirt together with the swim pants.  She perked up after a short while playing.

This is relaxing!



This is so fun!

Simple joys.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Penang Interactive Museum

Putting this in a separate post to accommodate the many pictures.  This place was pretty good!

We're making clogs! You want?

I have a big gold ingot. Want share?

There are photos at the side of each piece of "art" to show how to pose.  Like the one below, you lie down on the floor and the resulting photo is to be turned upside down.

I'm on the pole!

It would really help if people are sporting, can pose well and IN A GOOD MOOD.  Haha I had major problems with the last point!  SE spied something she wanted to check out on the way in.  This something was however the last point on the route (it's not a complex one, but guess they have to keep visitors flowing in the same direction).  That's what we kept telling her.  And this girl kept wanting to go there anyway.  Kept walking off by herself.  And hubby decided to follow her around instead of bringing her back to the fold and also NOT taking photos of her (grrrrr also!).

And that's why I don't have many pictures of SE.

Mummy told me to catch butterfly

Some of the art are 3-D, some are 2-D.  One small problem is that props here are adult height.  Had to carry the kiddos up.

Slurp pasta with this dog

Fine, I'll eat an egg. But only ONE egg.


Just catching mice!

JE started off in a good mood.

Want some teh tarik? I'm making some

I'm Thumbelina!

She deteriorated to bawling stage at some point haha.  Also fought with the little sister.  

Mummy said eat just one prawn. We don't like prawns.

Had to use powers of persuasion to coax out some decent photos.

Oohh these naughty boys!!

Hang on Su Ern! I'll save you!

Hang on, almost there! Err who's that at the top?

There was a pushing match at this one as JE didn't want SE to be there...

JE: Go away Su Ern
SE: Jo Ern is naughty

Phew almost the end, *I* am tired!

One more pose and we're done

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Penang trip 2017

After chickening out the previous trip, it was Penang for this school holiday.  Now, this was the apartment I've been hankering to stay in!   This was Maritime Suites, Georgetown.

Floor to ceiling windows with a sea view

Chilling out 

Stairs up as it's a duplex unit

Master bedroom with 2 queen beds, perfect

While the apartment was beautiful, the facilities weren't.  There was only one chest-deep swimming pool and it was packed the one time we checked it out.  Didn't bother with it again.

Food was mainly hawker style.  As usual I hardly take photos of food but it was the usual suspects... assam laksa, curry noodles, CKT, apam balik, ikan bakar, koay teow thng etc etc.

Wow, we managed to find a parking space AND a table!


I was quite excited as it's been years since I saw "lok-lok" sold this way.  In KL these are all sold via mobile vans these days.   Not everyone was impressed though...

You, stop playing with your food and EAT PROPERLY

My kids prefer playing to eating.  Took them to the Youth Park, this was well-received:

I love you, you love me

Play time!

One monkey

The monkey again (didn't think to dress them in shorts)

Ice-cream break!

It was a very hot day.  Otherwise the pools area would have been really nice.  There were three different pools, the girls chose this one:

Splash you. then you splash me


Dropped by Ghee Hiang for some biscuits.

It's been many years since I'd been to Penang, and in hindsight I should have planned out more activities.  Should have gone to Batu Feringgi and Kek Lok Si temple.  Oh well, next time.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Goldilocks story

We were reading Goldilocks at bedtime.  I assigned a character to each girl for them to say the respective lines.

This story is Little Red Hen. Next is Goldilocks

JE was Baby Bear and SE was Goldilocks.

As usual the story ended with the bears discovering the eaten porridge, broken chair and Goldilocks still sleeping in the baby bear's bed.

JE: (As baby bear, shows angry face at Goldilocks)
Me: And Goldilocks ran away and never came back.
SE:  *runs away
SE: (U-turns and runs back to us)  And Goldilocks was so angry at the bears, she came back and turned into a VAMPIRE!

Now I wonder how THAT story ended!  Haha.  Was getting late so didn't pursue it.

Monday, March 13, 2017

SE's sports day... and a scare

SE had her sports day yesterday.  I bet it was more tiring for the teachers to coax each child through the races than for the children!  Anyway, all in good fun.

The theme for SE's event was Finding Nemo.  Kids had to run to the hoop, don the Dory hat and pick up the fishing rod placed in the hoop.  Then run to the aquarium to catch one fish.  Then step on 4 'rocks' to reach the main aquarium and shake the caught fish off.  Then run back, depositing the hat and rod back in the hoop on the way, to tag the next participant.  Sounds rather more interesting than it was to watch haha.  (Next year I shall sit at the side to get a better view of the races!)

I have finished my turn actually

All done already

With my big gold medal!

I didn't hang around to take pictures after.  For one thing, I didn't think of that (being a newbie at this sports day business).  For another, we had a lunch appointment to make.

Now came the big scare.  At the restaurant, SE was playing with a tooth pick and pricked herself. There was a bead of blood on her finger and she asked for a plaster.  While the maid was looking into her bag for a clean tissue and I was checking out the menu, suddenly SE was lying down across her chair, head towards me.  We both at first assumed she was reaching out for me.  Then I saw her face... it was expressionless.  Her lips were pale, her arms were stiffened.  Maid said she was having a seizure.  Hubby held her, she was a bit sweaty.  Eventually she cried a bit, and chose Coke when I asked her whether she wanted Coke or 100plus.  She was fine after having a few tiny bites of bread and the Coke.  Oh no, what happened to this little girl?  She was back to her playful and cheeky self after eating.  We walked around the mall and went to the Secret Garden before heading home.

I'm walking, walking away!

I'm worried now.  Thinking whether it could have been the toothpick, whether she was hungry (she did have breakfast), whether she was tired (she didn't exert herself any more than usual), whether there is a serious underlying problem. 

She drew this picture of her ordeal.  And explained the line on the left.  This is NOT an 'i', it's a TOOTHPICK.  Then the arrow.  The middle one is Su Ern.  And on the right is Mummy going "Oh-oh".  

Poor Su Ern

I am praying that this is just an isolated incident.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Porky Valentines

We normally don't bother with Valentine's day.  We're both fussy about stuff, so the only way to ensure gifts would be appreciated would be to bring the beneficiary along.  Err after all that, might as well we buy our own stuff!  We like food but aren't keen on crowds.

The day after Valentine's this year, I just had to mention (maybe with a teensy accusatory tone) to hubby in the morning "Valentine's Day over already".  Despite being groggy from jusstt having woken up, hubby made a quick comeback, "We're eating out this weekend only right?".  Hehehe.

So that's how we ended up at Ticklish!  It's another place I've been wanting to check it out.

Happy Valentine's Day! Or whatever, really.

Food was all right.  The meat sauce on the pasta and sloppy joes were a tad too sweet.  The ribs were enjoyable but serving size was small.  The server said 6 ribs were more than enough for two... I could happily have eaten all 6 by myself!  While I wouldn't mind a repeat visit, I wouldn't bother to make a special trip to this place.

Pasta galore

The piggy-themed shop deco was fun to explore.  We obviously couldn't be disturbing other diners for closer looks or photos though.

Red Piggy!

More piggies

Piggies in a balloon! Oh, we also have balloons.

Monday, March 6, 2017

My birthday 2017

SE planned it all...  "For Mummy's birthday, I will wear my pony dress.  Then we will go to Ah Mah Ah Kong's house and I will take Mummy's birthday card.  Then we go to THE SHIP."

Haha I don't even get to choose the venue of my own birthday dinner!

Luckily her plans were laid out early... managed to convince her to bring home the birthday card (that she made) a day earlier.  Ah Mah Ah Kong's house is about 40mins away from ours!  And although I hadn't thought about it, I'd probably also have chosen to celebrate at The Ship.

Happy birthday to Mummy!

Ready to eat

I have corn. You want corn?

And my two girls with the birthday cards they made:

We made these for Mummy!

Aww.  :)

On a side note, I think SE's depiction of our whole family is a first.  I don't recall JE having drawn a 'family portrait' before.