Thursday, May 6, 2021

DIY Buka puasa

No buka puasa dinners this year... same as the last.  In my working life I have attended many of those, compony-sponsored of course.  So do a DIY one lah.

Ordered lemang and rendang from Melaka courtesy of the sama-sama lokal promo (50% discount plus free delivery).

I had planned to get bubur lambuk and kuih but it turned out that was their day off.  No worries, replaced with murtabak and kuih instead.

Tadahh!  My mother started eating first and refused to wait for my father - she said the food was so nice cannot wait haha.  The kids weren't too keen.

Hmm nice or not all this 

How much do I have to eat?

Overall I enjoyed the change of theme.  The kids... sometimes don't have to bother about them!  

Sunday, May 2, 2021


Found these pics in my photos.... outtakes from CNY pictures.

Su Ern has a moustache....

Mummy:  Ok smile!

Smiling! *fight fight

Still smiling! (and still fighting)


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Doing nothing

I don't want the girls having too much screen time - so iPads are only evenings onwards and TV only afternoon onwards.  JE will do reading, painting, playing.  Luckily she's into the Harry Potter franchise now so the interest is there.  The books are thick and she has a fair way to go before finishing them.  

And SE will just lie down doing absolutely NOTHING.  Staring at the ceiling or like this....

Wait for Jojo to play

She knows how to read but just isn't reading.  So will merely wait for JE to play with her - mainly involving running around and the like.  I'd much prefer she do SOMETHING instead... feels to me like this is a pure waste of time.

Sunday, April 25, 2021


JE had an OOTD post so this is one for SE.  She generally isn't too fussed about clothes and tends to copy what JE likes.  As the younger child, her clothes are mostly hand-me-downs.  I had gotten her new nice clothes a few times.  BUT most of these went utilised.  Either she said they were 'too nice' (for the pretty dresses) or 'too itchy' or some other reason.  After that it was back to hand-me-downs for the little missy.

JE doesn't want to wear sleeveless things so SE also doesn't.  (Pity, coz it's easier not having to bother whether the sleeves are too short/long/puffed up/tight etc) 

JE wanted only dresses at one point so SE also did.

Now JE has abandoned the preference for dresses in favour of T-shirts and pants/skirts.  So the little one is also into them.  And since this is a "new style" as in JE never had this phase, I'm buying new clothes for both.  (A moment of silence for the unfortunate dresses that SE was supposed to inherit, that will now be unused... hahaha)

My new T and denim shorts

My blanket skirt. Nice? Hehehe


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Take a break

This is SE doing homework.  Yep that's what she looks like more than half of the time.  Work a few minutes then take a break.  Some more the breaks are longer than the time worked.  End up she is spending practically all her free time on homework.  And sometimes still not being able to finish either.

Take a break first

Still on my break

Aiyo what is this girl doing

I'm still on my break!

Standard 3 already and this girl barely understands Chinese.  Her BM is just as bad if not worse.  Giving it one more year.  If she doesn't somehow pick up, will have to change her to an English medium.  Hubby thinks BM would be comparatively easier.   But I'm thinking she would have already wasted 3 years by then so no time to try if her BM could improve dramatically enough to be functional.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Mop

I call this look "The Mop".  And no, this isn't the back of her head even if it looks like it.  :)

Hello, my name is Mop

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Bubble gum

JE finally got it.  :)  I bought the 'panda' bubble gum I was used to from my childhood, as I remember this as being the easiest to blow bubbles with.  It no long has a 'tattoo' to apply and has shrunk so much in size that even I have some difficulty working it round in my mouth to position it properly.


New skill!

Very presentable size, no?

Skill, mastered

SE however has to do it like this....

Like this?

Until my dad said not to buy these anymore for hygiene reasons.  Haha.