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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Beauty masks

Not the Covid masks this time. :)  I'm not into these but a friend gave me a pack.  And I have some loose ones which came as token gifts from my online purchases.  So far I have used one piece.  The rest?

I wan! Kakak put for me

Must relax while putting masks

The next time, they decided to up the ante.  Must also have cucumber slices for the eyes.

Ahhhh relax


These people spend most of their day playing and relaxing as it is. Hmpfff.  Well this gives me 20mins of peace each time though.

Thursday, July 22, 2021


This is how you exercise indoors...

Legs left


Then straight

Somehow anything using the iPad is more fun.


Friday, July 16, 2021

SE's art

SE still likes to draw.  Technically she isn't great but ideas-wise, she has them.  I showed her this pile of cats picture I saw on the internet:

She came up with her picture.  Wish she'd have drawn it bigger but she insisted on cutting the paper smaller and folding it to have a frame.
Try to find these:
1.  A pink cat happily resting its paws on a dark cat. Dark cat is NOT happy.
2.  A snoring grey cat - apparently this is mummy when sleeping
3.  A pink cat going 'blehh' over the snoring cat nearby 
4.  Two cats fighting over a fish
5.  I 'meow' you in place of I 'love' you
6.  A little cat peeping at the frame

I love these little touches!  So much more personality than the original. My favourite would be that fish topping the pile like a star tops a Christmas tree.

SE's version

She also made me a bookmark.  I showed her a back view of a panda that I like.

Mama's bookmark

You read until here!

Wordings all by SE.  Perfect. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Good photos

I didn't even know this mode existed on my phone until I saw the photos the girls were taking.

Jo Ern

Su Ern

Jo Ern and Su Ern

The shots are very nice I think.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Walking with a Story

We have been walking to my parents' place for a month.  I haven't lost any weight at all.  :(  But at least walking is good for health right?  Good for the kids too.  Of course they try to weasel out of it.  Like if we are running a bit late in the mornings, when it looks like it might rain, when someone complains of tummy pain.  But so far, we have made it every morning.

JE walks with our maid Jane.  

Walk walk

And SE walks with me. She tells a story ALL the way there.  It's about these inhabitants of the land of Ploop called Ploopians. They punch their hands together to get money.  They are made of jelly and are pastel colours except for the king who is rainbow-coloured. They eat extremely little - once a family of humans visited and brought a McDonalds Happy meal and that was enough for the entire country to share. The whole story has magic, portals, potions, two mascot ducks for the Ploopian kingdom.  The king has found himself a queen after a thorough selection process and they now have a baby called Green (I had been openly wondering whether this baby is lime or apple-flavoured but SE isn't telling).  So far they have ventured into the Kingdom of Fighting, the Kingdom of Cloud and a magical black hole.  The story has been running every day for a month and shows no signs of ending.

Then the ducks turned into EXTREMELY beautiful humans... blabla

And now with the EMCO starting tomorrow, we need to pause our walks.  Aisshh.

Monday, June 28, 2021

TP fight

First they were fighting over who gets to carry the toilet paper rolls.  SE won.  JE was grumpy over that.  SE got to carry her prize....

Run, run as fast as you can

All the way from the lift to our unit.

You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man

I don't get why they have to fight over certain things!

Who has the key? Not me. Nuh-uh.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

At least outdoors

My condo facilities are closed this MCO - no pool, no gym.  Luckily can still walk around on the facilities deck.  JE will grumble about going out, but let her have a phone to take pictures and she's fine.
Hehe I can take photos. And use Spotify

SE is happy just messing around with rocks and grass, chasing birds etc.

Mama! Why you took away this rock's friend?!

Must do more of these on weekends. At least we are outdoors in the fresh air.  I sometimes bring a snack for us to eat outdoors.