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Friday, July 16, 2021

SE's art

SE still likes to draw.  Technically she isn't great but ideas-wise, she has them.  I showed her this pile of cats picture I saw on the internet:

She came up with her picture.  Wish she'd have drawn it bigger but she insisted on cutting the paper smaller and folding it to have a frame.
Try to find these:
1.  A pink cat happily resting its paws on a dark cat. Dark cat is NOT happy.
2.  A snoring grey cat - apparently this is mummy when sleeping
3.  A pink cat going 'blehh' over the snoring cat nearby 
4.  Two cats fighting over a fish
5.  I 'meow' you in place of I 'love' you
6.  A little cat peeping at the frame

I love these little touches!  So much more personality than the original. My favourite would be that fish topping the pile like a star tops a Christmas tree.

SE's version

She also made me a bookmark.  I showed her a back view of a panda that I like.

Mama's bookmark

You read until here!

Wordings all by SE.  Perfect. :)


  1. SE has natural talent in drawings and she is so creative. Love her art. I agree that her cats drawing is better than the one you show her. My favourite is the snoring cat which she says is inspired by you sleeping.

    1. Haha thought she captured the snoring pretty well.

  2. u must enrol her in coloring/drawing contest whenever there's chance, she's creative and full of ideas.

    1. I have, actually. But I suspect franchises are employing people who follow set instructions rather than real "art teacher" types. Or it could be difficult to teach technical drawing skills.

  3. SE's cats have more personality and showing different types of of emotions than those in the original picture. She draws well and she will enjoy drawing lessons.

    1. I used to get 'shaking of head' reviews from her art teacher - don't want to use that colour, don't want to colour in same direction haha.